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AWS Services That Help Build Sophisticated Applications With Guaranteed Flexibility

Whether you’re looking for database storage, content delivery, compute power or other features, we help you build sophisticated applications with guaranteed flexibility and scalability.


Advanced Platform

Our team is experienced in AWS’s advanced platform and stays up-to-date with new releases, features and services.

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Secure & Compliant

We comply to all security requirements including audits, rich controls and security accreditations.

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Our AWS services assist in almost every workload scenario-from DevOps to heavy data and more.

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We build hybrid IT architectures that extend infrastructure to the AWS Cloud.


Our team of experts build out resilient applications using the tools in Amazon Web Services.


End-to-end AWS services with deep expertise in understanding business objectives, requirements, and system architecture.


We create improvement opportunities that let you test detailed plans to integrate solutions into new and existing workflows.


Our experts provide assistance to develop upgrade plans to integrate maintenance, management, health checks and monitoring of AWS.


Our AWS specialists offer cloud-related learning endeavours to help power our clients for future success within their business endeavours.

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Why Choose Us?

NX3 Corporation is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and has been a pioneer in Amazon Web Service deployments. AWS experts at NX3 Corp have extensive experience in assisting businesses leverage cloud services.


We provide you with a dedicated team of AWS experts to make sure all your requirements are consistently met.


For years NX3 Corporation has supplied its clients with value-added solutions offered by Amazon.


We can configure both SQL as well as No-SQL databases for availability, durability, and performance.

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Virtual Private
Cloud Configuration

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform of Amazon Web Service allows you to run code, store data, host websites or fully manage your own networking resources.

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Plans and

Our highly cost-effective and reliable services ensure that you get the highest return on your investment.

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