White-Labeled Portal Build

CMA CGM - White-labeled Portal Build


Cargo Readiness wanted a new way to automate the international trade process of how a shipper (also known as vendor, manufacturer, seller or exporter) specifies when their cargo is ready for handover.


To eliminate the manual effort involved in the process, NX3 strategized and designed a dedicated white labeled landing page with a webform, where shippers could log in from their mobile or desktop device, enter their information, and easily submit to the Cargo Readiness admins.


CMAGM Conversion Image 1

Specific Shipper

CMAGM Conversion Image 2

Made Easy

Administrators can go into the back-end database of all submissions, and be able to search for a specific shipper, without having to sort through papers, and folders online. The automated website successfully organized and streamlined the process, alleviating the headaches and concerns of the Cargo Readiness team.

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