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Measure Viable Products And Services For Meaningful Corporate Adoption

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With an influx of digital tools and technologies available to your business, implementation and adoption of such products may not always fit into a cookie cutter model.

Test Technology Tools In A Real-Life Environment

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NX3 provides a Lab environment to test-pilot products and/or services before being released into the larger organization.

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A Lab concept similar to a technology start-up, where each new product is measured for its effectiveness before global adoption.

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We give corporations the option of buying 1-5 licenses for NX3 pilot testing vs buying thousands of licenses upfront.

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NX3 Labs allow corporations to fearlessly test product innovation and measure its impact before corporate adoption.

Where Corporations And Products Come Together

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Corporations can have access to test different marketing systems like Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo

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Product companies can showcase their products successfully to clients and prospects.

Why Use NX3 Labs?

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Flexible lab environment options within a digital ecosystem

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A controlled environment to take risks before making a commitment

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Opportunity to test technology on smaller brands, allowing marketers to understand outcomes

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A place to test and research multiple tech tools and understand how they speak to each other

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Based on test metrics, companies can easily integrate into their larger ecosystem

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