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Our client Veritas DVM offers peer-reviewed continuing education courses for veterinarians alongside Cornell and Texas A&M. Their Basic and Advanced Life Support courses provide certification for veterinarian’s in CPR. The objective of this project was to make available Pet CPR courses for Pet owners in the comfort of their homes.

An eCommerce platform provided the way to accomplish the objective; where pet owners could take different courses online and get certified accordingly.

The eCommerce webpage provided Pet Owners a convenient way to gain CPR certification and other life support courses from a single platform designed under verified authors.

The eCommerce solution was designed by integrating Learning Management System, Salesforce (to keep track of data and trigger emails as per course progression and emailing Certification) and online payment solution. Providing the user a one window solution.

Verita Cpr Ipad 1
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Revenue through Education

With the eCommerce platform, our client was able to offer pet owners online certification courses from reputable institutions, while creating new revenue streams for themselves.

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