Complete On-Line Web Development Platform | NX3

by NX3 Corporation

Enter the digital realm by creating a story for your business online,using the webgen website creator



Create a website or landing page for your business in a few simple steps...

  • Register for a webgen account
  • Select your desired design from a wide variety of templates
  • Drag and Drop images and customize your content
  • Voila! Your website is complete and ready to use
  • Now you can host your website on the webgen and share with the world

No coding skills needed! Just Drag and Drop
and Presto!

Connect more intimately with your audience using our
user-friendly, in-house email marketing and scheduling

Monetize your ideas instantly with our streamlined
e-commerce functionality.

Understand your audience; use our data collection
systems to gain insight on website performance and
email campaigns, to perfectly tailor your message.



  • A free-for-all website building tool that lets users create stunning personal and professional websites in minutes.
  • A leading edge website platform with an aim to arm users with next-generation tools for website creation that are simple and easy to use.
  • The ease to learn and create websites makes this platform a great solution for corporate entities, small businesses and individuals looking to create a website or blog.

Schedule a meeting with a digital expert

When you sign up to schedule a meeting with us, we'll reach out and find a good time for us to connect, whether in person if you're in the NYC area or via a conference call. We'll chat about your current marketing plan, your goals, your big marketing dreams, and whatever else! There is no obligation, but we'd love the opportunity just to chat.

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