Executed succesful lead generation campaign through email marketing for Simabdol | NX3

The objective of this campaign was to generate sales for Simbadol through a nurture journey consisting of informative and interactive messaging.

By a click of the mouse, prospects were able to receive more information, and at the same time, their interests and actions were registered and shared with our client's sales force team.

To ensure engagement and promote brand awareness, email triggers were automated when a recipient did not open or click the links within the first communication.

In addition to providing informative resources, web forms were placed within the landing pages to capture prospects' inquiries and contact information for easy follow up.

By capturing contact information through the webforms, this campaign promoted lead generation for the brand to continue to nurture through the sales funnel.

In addition to capturing new leads, prospects were also driven directly to the eCommerce site to "Buy Now" to create a seamless, automated way to increase sales and ROI.

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