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Don't Wait to Take Action

Witness instant visibility and results! You don’t need to look for an SEM agency in New York anymore. NX3 Corporation has got it covered for you. Get our exceptional search engine marketing services to the peak of your needs and enjoy excellent ROI.


Keep a Record of Every Cent Invested

Digital media marketing companies can make or even break the game for you. But NX3’s proactive digital media marketing team is constantly monitoring the campaigns to make sure every penny of yours cultivates the maximum ROI.


Be All-Powerful & Take Control

Through our quality SEM management services, you can convey your message efficiently and gain powerful control of every aspect of a campaign.


Segmentation at Your Fingertips

Serving audiences to their interests. At NX3 Corporation, we target and build PPC campaigns that allow your brand to focus on the most yielding locations and demographics for PPC optimization. Our PPC management services can help you achieve all what you aim at.


Even the Odds with Paid Marketing

It's hard to go up against huge brands, but paid marketing gives everyone an equal chance. So once you go for SEM, you can instantly gain visibility and give those big fishes a run for their money.


Achieve Unprecedented Results

Get a huge influx of traffic, double your revenue for every dollar spent, and get 10x more clicks compared to side-position ads - all that and more with search engine marketing solutions.

See Our Work in SEM

AlphaTRAK SEO/SEM Case Study

AlphaTRAK SEO/SEM Case Study

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When you sign up to schedule a meeting with us, we'll reach out and find a good time for us to connect, whether in person if you're in the NYC area or via a conference call. We'll chat about your current marketing plan, your goals, your big marketing dreams, and whatever else! There is no obligation, but we'd love the opportunity just to chat.

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