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Pork Perspectives is a blog that we created for our client that shares and discusses news, trends and industry highlights related to producing pigs. The objective of this SEO campaign was to drive traffic to the blog, while providing value and promoting customer engagement.

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We successfully utilized SEO tactics and drove traffic to the blog by:

  • Creating and maintaining the Pork YouTube channel and linking videos back to the blog
  • Driving referral traffic via other websites
  • Updating content and metas to include relevant search terms
  • Creating an SEO friendly layout which included enhanced images

We focused on high ranking keywords that had high search rates but low competition.

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NX3s' digital marketing team worked closely with developers to ensure that the site was SEO friendly including page titles, alt texts and canonical tagging. We managed Pork Perspectives' SEO on a constant basis, reporting and optimizing continuously throughout the site. As part of SEO strategy we develop compelling and informative content to be shared on various portals.

Campaign Results: Increased Traffic, Views, and Site Visits

Pork Graph

In one month alone, the SEO campaign exceeded expectations by driving:

-Blog traffic up by 400%
-Referral website traffic by 81%
-Unique blog visits by 76.8%

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