Email Marketing through Marketo to increase Awareness for Pitcher | NX3

The objective of this campaign was to raise awareness for the launch of NX3's Coaching, Support and Enablement Program for Pitcher Application client enablement. The campaign was targeted to our client's marketers and sales force.

The campaign initiated with an introductory email containing application information, with a call to action linked to user resources, along with a survey to analyze market knowledge and behavior.

Automated emails were triggered based on the recipients' actions:

If the recipient did not open the intro email, an email was triggered to send a duplicate email with a different subject line to attract attention and promote the open rate and level of engagement.

If the recipient opens the email but does not click on the survey link, another email is triggered to be sent with new content, reminding the user to take the survey.

Once the survey has been filled out by the email recipient, a "Thank You" pop-up appears, which also takes the user to the Pitcher Resources Material page for their convenience.

By gathering survey results, we were able to efficiently:

  • Determine the maturity levels of markets by analyzing the Survey Results.
  • Develop custom workshops per market to educate and coach marketers on the digital marketing tools within Pitcher.
  • Serve as point of contact for all marketing support queries via a ticketing system.
  • Enable marketers to engage and measure sales force effectiveness.

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