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Geotargeted Multi-touch Campaign

People First Checkin

Increase course registration by designing a geotagged campaign to encourage prospects to sign up for the PeopleFirst courses.

People First Envelope

Utilize email and direct mail channels, with alike messaging, to target prospects and direct them to register for the upcoming PeopleFirst courses.

People First Man

Upsell opportunity targeting customers that have enrolled in previously offered courses to take next level course.


Prior to course commencement, 3 geo-targeted emails were sent out 12 , 8 and 5 weeks before each course with personalized content, geo-targeting recipients living withing a certain radius of each course location.

Equipped with valuable information, and directed towards the correct target audience, the campaign was extremely personalized and targeted, utilizing unique content and CTA tracking through Marketo.

Additionally, a landing page with a webform captured lead information, with set logic to trigger form submissions directly to the course administrator's mailbox for instant follow-up.

By automating this process, we were able to execute and deploy extended nurture campaigns, segmenting the audience with minimal effort. Several qualified leads were captured which transformed into customer conversions and an increase in ROI.

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