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Salesforce partner NX3 brings you our Salesforce Survey App. Conduct market research or analyze sales calls effectiveness. Integrate this app into your Salesforce instance today!

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NX3 Survey

Opinion Matters

With the NX3 Survey App, you can gather data for:

  • Market and consumer research
  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Reviews
  • Assessments
  • Ratings

Create a custom survey in minutes

Drag and drop questions and options to create custom surveys in minutes. No technical knowledge required. Add, remove and change the sequence of questions easily.

Privacy & confidentiality
guaranteed for sales and support teams

Customizable privacy and security settings allow sales and support representatives to create surveys that are visible only to themselves and their respective managers. Selective access to a survey based on roles and permission levels is available.

Save time through automation

The app's interface is easy to learn and manage. Automation makes it easy for sales and support representatives, as well as managers, concentrate on their job while getting feedback from their customers via automated trigger emails.

Get in touch with your customers

With just a few clicks, you are able to gather valuable input from your customers worldwide.

Conduct quick training and assessment

Assess anyone by creating simple multiple choice question based tests. Use the power
of surveys to conduct training programs.

Make informed decisions

Compile valuable survey data from your customers and make informed decisions
based on the responses.

Respect privacy

Use anonymous surveys to gather details and opinions on sensitive matters.


NX3 Survey


  • Associate NX3 Survey with any standard or custom object by making a lookup relationship.
  • Whenever surveys are filled out, notification emails can be sent to the sales or support representatives who have created the survey, as well as to their managers.
  • Survey responses can be mapped to the leads/contacts that the survey was sent to.
  • Recurrence for the surveys can be set via response time, based on workflow rules.
  • Managers can view surveys from all sales and support representatives that work under them.
  • Administrators and managers can white label the surveys, including updating the header and footer, and have their company name, logo, and contact information included.
  • Survey emails can be triggered on any activity performed on the case object as well as on any other standard or custom object.
  • Survey reports can be compiled automatically on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

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