Measure viable products and services for meaningful corporate adoption

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NX3 Labs:

A real life environment where corporations and product companies can partner in NX3 labs where:

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Corporations can have access to test different marketing systems like Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo

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Product companies can showcase their products successfully to clients and prospects.

Why NX3 Labs

There has been an influx of digital tools and technologies that showcase examples of success, however, implementation and adoption of such products may not fit into a cookie cutter model, as each corporation is different. NX3 can help alleviate this challenge.

NX3 Labs Solution: Overview

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NX3 provides clients with a Lab environment to test-pilot products and/or services before signed off to be released into the larger organization.

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Corporations can proceed to buy 1-5 licenses for NX3 pilot testing vs buying thousands of licenses upfront.

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A Lab concept similar to a technology start-up, where each new product is measured for its effectiveness before global adoption.

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Nx3 Labs allow corporations to fearlessly test the innovation, and measure its impact.


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A Lab environment can be created in-house or within NX3 digital ecosystem. For example, currently NX3 has licenses of Salesforce, Pardot, Marketo, AWS deployed and being managed.

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NX3 Labs offer a controlled environment to take risks.

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Products and services can be tested on a smaller brand, allowing marketers and technologist to take risks in a controlled but similar environment.

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Solutions can be tested in such environments and decisions can be made to integrate into larger corporation ecosystems.

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NX3 Lab environments provide opportunities to research and investigate whether solutions/ digital products have abilities to talk to one another.

Examples of Enablement


Account Based Marketing


Product Scoring


Connecting Pitcher, Salesforce, Marketo, Tableau, Twilio, iOS, AWS together


Testing capabilities of solutions in Crownpeak


Installing efficient and productive apps


Testing Artificial Intellegence 6 through Alexa and other

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