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Morning Brew (MB), an email newsletter company with a rapidly growing subscriber base, was looking for a way to analyze how their audience was interacting with their content. Like all modern companies, Morning Brew utilized various content distribution channels to engage users who would be a perfect fit for their newsletter. Realizing the massive potential of their data, they needed a strategic solution that could be implemented quickly and we were happy to help when we got the call.

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  • In order to dissect their data, MB first needed a storage location that could centrally store data and disseminate user information in an efficient manner.
  • Storing data and utilizing data are two completely different things and the Morning Brew team knew that in order to drive effective campaigns they would need to overhaul their reporting efforts.
  • Scalability is king when it comes to data, and in order to ensure that the Morning Brew team could take their company to the next level, a scalable approach was integrated into their data framework.


We created a central portal to move all of Morning Brew’s customer information, where it could be easily accessed and extracted.

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Once the portal was completed, we created data visualization dashboards where Morning Brew’s subscriber data could be accessed and analyzed efficiently.

Finally, we worked to ensure that the portal and dashboards could scale at the same pace as Morning Brew’s rapid growth.

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As Morning Brew continues to thrive in the subscription era, they now have the tools necessary to analyze robust customer data in both an efficient and scalable way. With the insights gathered from their custom dashboards, Morning Brew now has the insights to drive subscriptions to the next level and beyond. As a forward thinking company, we at NX3, believe that data is everything and we are happy to have helped them achieve their goals.

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