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The challenge in this project was to determine the type of shipping companies that would be interested in a fully digital shipping solution. Our goal was to start with a wide net, collect feedback, and then use that feedback to determine the kind of shipping companies that would be open to adopting Freddie as part of their day to day operations.


NX3 set out to use outbound telemarketing to reach out to 75-100 leads per week with the intention of getting people to trial Freddie and provide feedback on the experience. Leads were targeted based on their shipping behaviors, and segmented by how closely their behaviors matched that of the target audience for Freddie.

NX3 used their excellence in digital sales techniques to mine through data, matching target leads based on their shipping behaviors. These targets were then emailed and called, using a hyper-targeted pitching approach. USPs of Freddie were highlighted against the current carriers, and free logins and discounted shipping rates were provided to adopt new customers.

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Follow up calls were essential in the process, as NX3 gathered insight into the customer experience to further enhance the Freddie process. Data was gathered to make a case for system updates and enhancements over time, and continual follow ups were made to show the leads that Freddie was serious about acquiring their business and serving their exact needs.



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NX3 also set up a lead scoring system through Marketo and Salesforce, which was the first lead scoring rules created for this client. Based on interest and user action, for this campaign and all future campaigns, the client is now able to gage the level of interest and if the lead is cold or hot through Marketo-Salesforce sync. This provides their sales force team with increased visibility to properly assess and prioritize follow ups and help close deals faster.

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