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Email Nuture system to generate leads and to drop on a Stor front to ignite sales for Diabetic Pet Connection | NX3
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The objective of this campaign was to target pet owners to generate new leads based on their pets' health condition. Designed to nurture the leads through an array of messaging, the ultimate goal was to generate lead information to find out if their pet's had been diagnosed with diabetes, or have had diabetic symptoms.

Through a webform on the landing page, we were able to capture pet owners' information.

Upon filling out the form, they are asked if their pet has been diagnosed with diabetes. This allows us to segment out list further.

If they click yes, a message appears inviting them to learn more about AlphaTRAK and purchase a product related to their pets' needs.

Campaign Results

The Diabetic Pet Connection campaign resulted in an increase of new visitor site traffic and form submissions, which also lead to an increase in sales.

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