Marketing Automation Platform

A tailored and effective marketing automation platform is a need for organizations of all sizes who are looking for opportunities to grow while sustaining their quality and brand position.

All organizations have different goals to meet in a certain period of time and they require realistic objectives to help them meet these goals. However, where business expansion is one of the most common business goals, it is essential that these businesses analyze and evaluate marketing automation platforms that can help them maintain and increase effectiveness of communication with leads, while expanding their operations.

No matter what industry you are from, today’s markets are exploding. Why would you go with a one-to-one method of communication when you could, more easily and effectively, go with a one-to-many method? This brings us to marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, that can make your operations easier and more efficient.

Here are four reasons to pick your marketing automation platform today:

  1. Reach more with less efforts

Unlike the old manual ways, the right marketing automation platform can very easily help you scale up your number of leads in hundreds, tens of thousands and even more. With your marketing automation platform you can reach out to your entire list of subscribers in one email blast, if need be, or you can segment and personalize your emails with ease.

  1. Connect more personally

Your marketing automation platform also allow you to keep adding information in your database that helps you to send more personalized and effective emails. You can not only use information like geographic location and industry type but you can keep track of behavior data that actually lets you know how many emails were opened, who clicked on a landing page and more.

That’s how marketing automation platforms allow businesses to see the rare sight of ‘personal’ and ‘automate’ work hand in hand. This feature help you stay relevant, personal and better cater to your prospects’ and customers’ expectations.

  1. Communicate through every stage of customer journey

With growing leads, sending relevant emails may be a hard task without your marketing automation platform, as every lead will have a unique journey. However, marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, allow you to track each buyer’s journey while also tracking their activities on your website, landing pages, social platforms and display ads as well as their email open and click through rate to help you provide the most effective communication.

  1. Get proof of everything with analytics

Getting a precise analysis from your marketing automation platform can be a great help before deciding to make any changes. You can test theories by implementing the change on a small group and evaluate its effect through analytic report.

Additionally, you can track the complete journey a lead makes from its creation to becoming a customer, which can help your business immensely with new leads. Furthermore, track and evaluate your team’s marketing efforts and how it impacts your ROI, or return on investment, with every new campaign.

With the modernization of human life, being around innovation, efficiency and sophisticated tools to operate your business simply makes sense.