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Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in NYC to help you make your website content more interactive?
Whether you are a food blogger, a travel agency or a digital marketing platform, we are all online and using the internet regularly. While we have all landed on a website that just speaks to us, we have also been to sites that are hard to use and visually unappealing. However, not many of us can pinpoint the very feature that makes a website work or not work.
However, we do know that visitors’ engagement is one significant feature that all good websites have in common and we also know that irrelevant content is one of the key reasons why website visitors don’t engage. Moreover, one of the most important strategies to improve engagement rates is to make sure your website content is interactive. It ensures that your website visitor isn’t only visually engaged, but they are physically engaged as well and are eager to navigate your website and find the content they want to consume.
In this blog, we will learn about seven effective strategies that will help make your website content more interactive.

1. Ask for feedback

Ask your audience for their feedback, whether it be through comments or ratings. It is a great way to interact with the visitor. Some websites may use pop-ups to ask for the visitor’s feedback, but often people find them annoying and disrupting and it goes against the seamless experience you want to provide your audience. A much better option would be to ask for feedback or ratings at the end of a specific content piece, as it is less intrusive and also give the person a chance to finish reading.

2. Incentivize with rewards

This concept is known as gamification, where you use points, rewards or levels in a non-gaming context. You can use this for your blogs and articles and encourage your audience to interact by giving them incentives. This can work in various ways. You can give users coupons or another reward when they collect certain points or reach a certain level. You can also publish your top or best commenters and keep them motivated to continue interacting.

3. Incorporate quizzes and polls

Use can use personality quizzes to make your website content more interactive. These quizzes have been very popular via BuzzFeed and many other websites. You can use WordPress plugins or the Lead Engagement Platform by NX3 to provide engaging and relevant quizzes on your website.

4. Encourage readers’ feedback

Encouraging comments is not always enough. You may have to come up with a creative call to action to bring in more comments. Comments don’t just give you feedback on your content, but it also says a lot about your content quality. In addition, people often linger longer on blogs that are full of readers’ comments.

5. Post user-generated content

Using user-generated content shows the users that their engagement and input is valued. This appreciation of their feedback works as an incentive for them to engage even more. You can write new articles that address your high-rated comments from existing blogs or you can directly quote users’ comments.

6. Include social media buttons

Remember, there should be an option to share on social channels with every valuable piece of content. You can strategically place your social media buttons to encourage sharing, like placing the buttons on the top or bottom of the post where they are easily visible.

7. Don’t forget about internal links

Once you get your users to one of your blog posts, you need to show them the easiest way to find more of your relevant content that they may like. You can provide relevant links within every blog post to other existing content to allow easy access. The best place to use internal links is by the end of each blog post or within the article where relevant.

Small things can end up making a big impact, so make sure you engage a digital marketing agency in NYC or anywhere else in the world to look after your website and online presence using best of their skills and technology.

Digital Marketing Agency

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency based in NYC or elsewhere?

Today, the majority of businesses that are doing well in their respective niches will agree that a robust digital marketing strategy can work wonders for reaching target markets and achieving business goals. From large corporations to small and mid-sized companies, all are working with a digital marketing agency to drive more opportunities from best practices, increased engagement and a competitive edge.

With increasing dependency on technology in all domains of life, regardless of your industry, geography and business size, going digital is necessary for optimum growth and business innovation.

Here are ten reasons for why your business needs the services of a digital marketing agency based in New York or in your locality.


Digital marketing is less expensive

Traditional marketing methods like print and television are more costly and it is difficult to track their return on investment. On the other hand, digital marketing campaigns use targeted research and analytics to quickly find the best approach that works best for you and is worth your resources. That’s why most of the digital marketing platforms are less expensive and help avoid overspending on underachieving campaigns.


Small businesses can increase their competitiveness

Digital marketing reduces the gap between a large, medium and small company by providing all entities basically the same resources. Even though tough, larger companies have larger budgets to utilize paid methods and better software, a good digital marketing agency can help small and medium size businesses be effective and create opportunities to engage, build audiences, improve brand image and become more competitive.


Facilitate easier A/B testing

Digital marketing platforms allow businesses to experiment with different elements of their marketing campaigns. With A/B testing you can experiment with the color of a promotional banner, the location of email sign-up, and more.

You can also easily track the results of these simple changes and use the insights to target your market more effectively and improve the performance of campaigns.


Mobile marketing increases engagement

Mobile marketing paves the way to a whole new range of opportunities for increased customer engagement, from reaching new market segments to creating a more personalized user experience.

According to Global Web Index, over 80% of internet owners use a smartphone. 90% of their time spent on smartphone is utilized on apps. Hence, mobile marketing can bring many opportunities you don’t want to miss by reaching your audience in their most natural environment.


Close bigger B2B accounts with account-based marketing

Many digital marketing agencies in NYC and around the world offer account-based marketing services which help effectively communicate personalized messages to individual accounts from your entire market. Account-based marketing is one of the most targeted strategies on digital channels that enables more efficiency of resources and is more substantial for B2B businesses.


Social media builds brands

Real-time comments, feedback, ratings, and referrals from real people instantly create a sense of trust among the target audience. Social media marketing helps your business interact with your existing and potential customers in their native environment, making your presence more real, felt and powerful.


SEO puts your brand where your target audience can find it.

We all use Google, and so does your target market. Search engine optimization helps your website and digital presence be more visible and rank high. SEO is very important for the success of your well-integrated digital marketing strategy.


Grow bigger with marketing automation

Many routine and repetitive marketing tasks can be automated to save time and increase efficiency, via a robust marketing automation platform. This gives marketers more space to focus on the creative, strategic and analytical processes.


Email marketing still works the best

The majority of people prefer to receive information from brands via email, which is a good enough reason to have a strong email marketing strategy. Using email marketing platforms like Marketo allows you to put personalized content in front of your target audience at the right time by using automated trigger emails, which would activate based on a specific customer activity.


Monitor performance and analytics

Unlike traditional marketing channels, digital marketing platforms, from marketing automation platforms to social media channels, have built-in analytics dashboards that provide data automatically. The easily available reports and graphics really help map out the best customer journey, measure business performance at every step and make more informed decisions.

Google analytics

In today’s marketplace, having the right analytics tools and dashboards is a necessity to determine where your marketing budget can be best allocated for digital campaigns.


To get the right perspective, many marketers rely on Google Analytics for reporting. However, today, this may not be enough. There are many tools now that offer more functionality and insights in comparison to GA. So the question is, which one is right for your business?


First, you will need to compare the features of these different platforms to assess which would make the best fit. Let’s take a minute to go over some of these tools, starting with Google Analytics.


  1. It’s free. Google Analytics will cost nothing, but is a very powerful reporting tool.


  1. It enables you to see where your traffic is coming from.  Besides the core set of keywords that you are optimizing, you will also be able to find out what other keywords your visitors type in to find your website. During the initial optimization campaign, the number of keywords may be low. But as time goes on, you will start getting more keywords on organic listings, due to your overall optimization effort.


  1. You will be able to determine which pages receive the most clicks. You will know which pages and links are popular and measure whether your optimization campaign is directing traffic to the correct pages.


  1. GA shows you how you should adjust or tweak your website.  With the analytics report, you will be able to fine tune your website and update the text, layout, and images on any page that is not converting well. In the end, it will bring you more quality prospects, and thus convert more customers in the future.


5.It helps audience segmentation. With GA, you will know how many new visitors your SEO campaign brings you. You can segment your analytics results by new/returning visitors, geography and referral sources.


How does Tableau stack up to Google Anaytics?


Tableau is a business intelligence system that helps companies visualize and understand their data.


  1. Tableau gives users the ability to quickly connect, visualize, as well as share data with an efficient and seamless experience all the way from the PC to the iPad. You can create and publish dashboards, then sharing them with partners, colleagues, or customers, without the need for programming skills.


  1. It has lightning speed and is easy to use.  Tableau’s productivity suite allows you to connect it to a number of data sources that you’re already using and import and visualize data in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the modernized technology and speed of operations, the company claims to have developed a ten to one hundred times faster data analysis mechanism than the one its competitors can offer.


  1. Tableau uses a multi-pronged approach to data insights. Tableau investigates data in many different ways, starting with large, traditional dashboards, and ending with complex cloud-based source explorations. Instead of conducting analyses with a single method, the user can combine approaches and data views to make insights richer. At the end, all conclusions are showcased in comprehensive data visualizations, made so simple that you can easily share them with clients and partners from different industries.


  1. Tableau has great customer service. Tableau gives users access to a reliable tech support team, and automates data updates to help companies get fresh information without wasting their time.


  1. Tableau’s ability to create packaged workbooks allows the user to create reports that can be sent to stakeholders, who can then view and change filters in a usable way.


When deciding which platforms work best for your organization, whether you are tracking clicks or conversions, it may be best to contact a consultant to advise on which solution would be optimal based on the needs of your business. At NX3, we have been recommending and implementing the right technology for businesses of all sizes.

digital marketing agency

Are you looking for ways to make your content strategy more effective?

Do you think the right digital marketing solutions can help make your content strategy more effective?

As brands, you put in a great amount of time, effort and often money to produce content and run campaigns that speak to your audience and help convince your customers to take the next step in the customer journey. However, there can be flaws that make your content and campaigns fail to bring the expected results and affect your audience in the way you wanted.

In this article, we will look at four reasons why your content isn’t working and how digital marketing solutions can help improve these shortcomings.


Your content is not relevant.

All of your customers and prospects are different in many aspects. They are at different stages of the customer journey and interacting with your brand, they have different wants and needs, and they will be appeased and put off by different things. Hence, it is impossible to come up with one effective message that is relevant for your entire audience.

Your digital marketer would come up with a more personalized content strategy using your customer and lead details and behavior, form filled data and calculated data. With the use of the latest technology, your digital marketing agency can help you address individual customers and the audience with the most relevant and effective message across all channels.


Your content is not timely.

Time is one thing people today are short of. No matter what people are looking for, they need content to get answers to their questions and they can look for content whenever it suits them. It can be rather frustrating having to wait for days to get a call back or to receive the right email.

Your digital marketing agency can help you use inbound channels for better results, by personalizing the experience of your audience. You can use web personalization for your visitors, provide helpful FAQs or contact information or use push notifications through your app, and make the experience engaging. It can also help you catch up on the latest technologies so that your visitors don’t have to wait and you can address their queries in the most effective manner.


Your content is not right for the channel.

Thanks to mobile phones, the basic channels of communication include emails, instant messages, text messages, phone calls and apps. However, the right use of each channel varies in context to the demographics of every customer or prospect. For example, you may prefer an email from your bank and a Facebook Messenger conversation with a local business you want to order from.

Even though everyone uses different communication channels differently, experienced digital marketers can help you find a balance to suit the needs and preferences of your specific audience. Moreover, you can also simply ask people how they want to be connected, either as part of your email sign-up process or sometime later, and adapt accordingly.


Your content is not consistent.

For an effective customer experience, it is important that the content your customers see on your website and are given when calling for support is as personalized as the content that ends up in their inboxes. Today, customers expect you to consider their information or history with the brand when communicating from any channel. Otherwise, starting every communication from square one can be rather frustrating. Hence, having related content is not enough anymore; it also needs to be consistent with every campaign and every channel.

Manual work is not enough anymore. Your digital marketing agency can help you use the right software, such as Marketo, for more effective results. They would also help you make best of your collected information, like who your audience is, what interests them, what their demands and needs are and their preferred channel of communication. Using such software, along with expert help, you can run campaigns with relevant, timely and consistent content across all channels.

App advertising

You may be using your calculator on your Galaxy 8 or iPhone and notice an ad at the top, as if you are on a website being served a sky scrapper or leaderboard ad. You get a buzz on your device indicating you have a notification on your Facebook Messenger app. It is an in-app advertisement delivered as message in Facebook Messenger.

Email has been the leading channel for one-on-one interaction between an advertiser and consumer for a long time, providing a personalized approach and user experience. Now, however, in-app ads often offer users a better experience.

While consumers generally don’t like advertising, some ads are more tolerable (and even likable) than others. Advertisers tend to have a greater ability to create better ad experiences with in-app ads.

Publishers of mobile apps, as well as mobile app networks, have designed ad formats that are ideally suited to mobile apps. Many are designed to integrate seamlessly into the UX of the mobile app.

Jupiter Research reports that in-app mobile ad spend will reach $16.9 billion by 2018, compared to $3.5 billion in 2013. While app downloads will increase exponentially by then, the majority of in-app advertising expenditure will be allocated to social mobile giants like Facebook and Twitter, according to the company.

As the app ecosystem has seen growth, though, the role of in-app advertising has changed. For a long time, app developers favored a “pay once and play” model, where users weren’t prompted with in-app advertising purchase options. Increasingly, as more free-to-download apps enter the market, the brand side needs new revenue generation models. That’s become more about in-app advertising and in-app goods and services.

This makes sense Score research has shown mobile users spend 66% of time in an app, which far exceeds the amount of time spent in mobile browsers.

digital marketing

The success of a product launch depends on a brand’s approach to marketing. While there is no replacement for human interaction, digital marketing makes it a lot easier to be successful in selling a new product when you do not have a large field force behind the launch.

Launching a new product is a significant matter for all businesses, as it affects the ultimate popularity of a brand, sales and branding of the product. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to start the launching process without a strategic marketing plan with consistent message on all channels. Integration is the key!

Let’s have a look at few of the most important digital elements that can be of great help for a product launch in absence of a field force. 

  1. Social media campaign

You need a strategic social media plan that incorporates a content calendar and some relevant and trendy hashtags to build a little pre-launch buzz and get product noticed.

Moreover, Facebook and Twitter are two popular networking sites that can be used to announce the launch and create some interest. Snapchat and YouTube are also great platforms to get the attention of your audience.

  1. SEO & Google AdWords

SEO & Google AdWords are both important elements of an integrated digital strategy for a product launch. It brings you targeted traffic and the right efforts can make your online presence more effective in achieving goals.

Google AdWords can be used to research your relevant keywords that can be incorporated in all digitally published content and for AdWords display ads.

This will help you achieve maximum buzz, and then test and tweak new feature ideas.

  1. Email marketing & scheduling system

Email marketing or direct mail campaigns can have unique benefits for any product launch. It’s a cost-effective means for direct communication with a targeted audience and a way to influence their first impression of the product and brand.

Email campaigns can be planned within a couple of days, especially when using automation platforms like Marketo. You can segment and target your audience, make streamlined campaigns and can make improvements from measurable results and reports.

  1. Website and customer experience

Creating hype is one side of the complete process. You also need to make sure that your website and the landing pages for your digital ads live up to the hype created for the product.

The design and development of the website should focus on providing the best possible customer experience to eventually lead the visitor to become a customer.

Real-life practices…

Today, many brands prefer to launch their product through digital mediums over having a strong field force involvement. They typically hire a digital marketing and enablement agency to make it happen.

AlphaTRAK, a client of NX3, happens to be an example. Here is some information on that:


The client was looking for a way to provide their customers with an ecommerce experience in the interim of the official product launch on their website.


The team of NX3 achieved this by creating a mock ecommerce experience, where customers could purchase AlphaTRAK products, making SEO and AdWords efforts, and utilizing the power of Marketo web forms and marketing automation.


Marketing Automation Platform

A tailored and effective marketing automation platform is a need for organizations of all sizes who are looking for opportunities to grow while sustaining their quality and brand position.

All organizations have different goals to meet in a certain period of time and they require realistic objectives to help them meet these goals. However, where business expansion is one of the most common business goals, it is essential that these businesses analyze and evaluate marketing automation platforms that can help them maintain and increase effectiveness of communication with leads, while expanding their operations.

No matter what industry you are from, today’s markets are exploding. Why would you go with a one-to-one method of communication when you could, more easily and effectively, go with a one-to-many method? This brings us to marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, that can make your operations easier and more efficient.

Here are four reasons to pick your marketing automation platform today:

  1. Reach more with less efforts

Unlike the old manual ways, the right marketing automation platform can very easily help you scale up your number of leads in hundreds, tens of thousands and even more. With your marketing automation platform you can reach out to your entire list of subscribers in one email blast, if need be, or you can segment and personalize your emails with ease.

  1. Connect more personally

Your marketing automation platform also allow you to keep adding information in your database that helps you to send more personalized and effective emails. You can not only use information like geographic location and industry type but you can keep track of behavior data that actually lets you know how many emails were opened, who clicked on a landing page and more.

That’s how marketing automation platforms allow businesses to see the rare sight of ‘personal’ and ‘automate’ work hand in hand. This feature help you stay relevant, personal and better cater to your prospects’ and customers’ expectations.

  1. Communicate through every stage of customer journey

With growing leads, sending relevant emails may be a hard task without your marketing automation platform, as every lead will have a unique journey. However, marketing automation platforms, like Marketo, allow you to track each buyer’s journey while also tracking their activities on your website, landing pages, social platforms and display ads as well as their email open and click through rate to help you provide the most effective communication.

  1. Get proof of everything with analytics

Getting a precise analysis from your marketing automation platform can be a great help before deciding to make any changes. You can test theories by implementing the change on a small group and evaluate its effect through analytic report.

Additionally, you can track the complete journey a lead makes from its creation to becoming a customer, which can help your business immensely with new leads. Furthermore, track and evaluate your team’s marketing efforts and how it impacts your ROI, or return on investment, with every new campaign.

With the modernization of human life, being around innovation, efficiency and sophisticated tools to operate your business simply makes sense.


Digital Marketing Agency

When you are running a business, time is a precious and scarce commodity. Strategically marketing your brand takes up a lot of time and plenty of effort. This is where a digital marketing agency comes to play to save the day.

Your digital marketing agency will provide you marketing services through digital mediums that will help your business grow. Your agency can also take charge of your entire marketing portfolio to help you become efficient at improving conversions and meeting your marketing objectives.

Every service, marketing effort, campaign and strategy that your digital marketing agency provides you is custom designed and planned to perfectly suit your brand’s unique needs and objectives.

Below are five of the most basic, result-oriented and necessary marketing services that you need to avail from experts at your digital marketing agency to get the most out of your investment.

Customized strategic planning

For your digital marketing campaigns to be successful, it is important that they are designed with proper strategic planning. Whether it is social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, or lead generation, your digital marketing agency has experts available that focus on each niche to provide you with their professional perceptive and their take on the most successful strategy.

Moreover, it is important that you define and evaluate your goals with your agency, so that with comprehensive and tactical planning they can help you achieve them.

SEO for your website

With the world getting technology-savvy and the increasing expectations of your audience, it is not only helpful for your business to have a website, but it needs to be optimized for search to help increase your brand visibility and get most from your other digital marketing efforts.

SEO experts at your digital marketing agency can research and analyze your market, industry and audience and then make an SEO plan with most efficient keywords, making your strategies responsive.

Content with strategic messaging

Your digital marketing agency helps you make sure that the message you want to put forward through your marketing strategies comes across clearly.

The content used on your website and as part of different campaigns, such as SEO strategies, needs to be result-orientated and should go flow with your goals and objectives. Hence, useful content is another aspect where experts at your digital marketing agency can help you be as productive with your content as possible.

Inbound marketing

Today, most of your customers and potential leads conduct online research before buying or participating in any activity on your website. Hence, you need inbound marketing services from your digital marketing agency that can help you bring traffic to your website by making efforts like SEO-friendly blog content to boost your visibility on search engines like Google.

Automating, measuring and reporting

Your digital marketing agency can also provide you marketing automation services that can automate the lead nurturing process for you by automatically maintaining follow up interactions with potential leads. Moreover, the use of marketing automation tools can also help you be more efficient at measuring and reporting your ROI. You can use your agency’s expertise to more accurately interpret the data and work out which strategies are working in your favor and which aren’t.