Seven Impressive Social Media Posts for Your Business This Easter

Seven Impressive Social Media Posts for Your Business This Easter

Are you looking for impressive ideas to run a successful digital marketing campaign this Easter? Take a deep breath; you’re at the right place. Get yourself some egg puns first and then start reading! Easter is exactly one month away and the only thing that comes to mind is morning brunch, egg hunts and lots of chocolate! Easter is the time of year when lights, candles, pastel colors, and chocolates are in high demand so use their clement power to decorate your social media profiles.

For digital marketing, it is critical to understand the tone of each social network especially on special occasions, which is tough for small businesses. The secret to running a successful campaign on social media is to create engaging and interesting content that attracts a large group of audiences. Business organizations that seek to achieve success during this time should particularly target women between the age of 18 to 35.  This demographic is an important driver of Easter conversation and in most cases are potential customers.

Embrace the Spirit of Easter

Celebrate and revive the true spirit of Easter through your posts. Your posts should touch the heart of your customers. Try to build a strong emotional connection to your customers.

Play with traditional Easter motifs such as eggs, bunnies or simple spring flowers to gently remind your customers that holidays are just around the corner.  Remind your customers they should start planning about what gifts they should buy for their friends and family or how to make the holidays memorable and enjoyable.

You can create an online competition for your customers by offering interesting prizes; this will give your customers an incentive to regularly check your posts over the Easter period.

Run a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Social media followers love to participate in fun competitions, run a humorous and captivating competition for your followers, it will greatly improve audience engagement. Hide Easter eggs in your social media posts and run an online competition, ask your followers to find them.  You can hide these eggs in your Instagram and Facbook posts that include pictures. In this way, you will create a virtual Easter egg hunt and your customers will enjoy your content.

Run a caption competition

Online competitions can generate heavy traffic since the audience loves to be a part of them. You can run a fun competition by asking your customers to caption the picture and announcing a prize for the best one. This will bring you thousands of visits, likes, and comments in a very short time.

Easter egg Selfies

Everyone loves chocolate and selfies, right?

Who can underestimate the power of a selfie competition, people are crazy about it. Create an exciting selfie competition for your customers by asking them to post a selfie with their favorite Easter chocolates.

Announce exciting prizes for the winners, this will greatly increase the participation of audiences!

Count the sweets/eggs / bunnies’ competition

Another classic idea is to post a picture of a jar of sweets or chocolates and ask your followers to guess how many sweets are in there, such competitions spearhead engagement of the audience and help in brand promotion in a fun playful manner.

Note that each social media platform requires a different marketing strategy. Here, we have made a few recommendations that will help you generate additional  revenue at Easter.


Facebook posts that are related to current topics such as holidays, festivals or any other latest events tend to go viral in less time than other posts. For example, posts related to Independence Day on July 4th, created almost 90% more engagement than all other types of posts published on the same day.

Create a customized cover photo and profile picture:

Create an Easter-related theme for your Twitter, facebook and Instagram pages, a playful cover photo will attract customers to visit your page. Make your page look more catchy and attractive by posting interesting ideas to enjoy the festivities of Easter to the fullest.


Pinterest is the most powerful tool for social promotions. According to a recent online survey, Pinterest users spent more money on online shopping than any other of the top five social media platforms, which implies the fact that Easter is the perfect season to utilize Pinterest.


Twitter is the best platform for brand promotion because it has the largest number of online active users, but it is hard to get noticed on Twitter since there are millions of users around the world and there are almost 3000 tweets sent per second. So, make sure your tweets are exciting and thrilling and the audience finds it fun to read them.

 You have to grab the attention of your audience in less than 140 characters.

It’s necessary to post content which the audiences find worthy of their time. Make your customers feel exclusive and build an impression that you care about them.

Best of luck for your Easter campaign, win the heart of your customers by establishing a heartwarming and cheering connection with them.  Have fun and don’t forget to let us know, what worked best for you.

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