What is Online Marketing Automation?

The field of online marketing automation has expanded at an astonishing rate in the last couple of years.

According to a study conducted by HubSpot in 2017, 70 percent of marketers said converting leads was their top priority.

You must know many marketers who are captivated with online marketing automation and its results, or you must have at least heard about automation. But, don’t you just want to know… What is online marketing automation and what does it actually entail?

Online marketing automation refers to a software that exists with the basic goal of automating marketing activities and efforts. With new technologies in the field of marketing, repetitive tasks like emails, social media and many other website actions can be set so they are performed automatically. The technology of marketing automation makes this easily possible.

Online marketing automation refers to platforms and tactics that allow businesses to nurture their prospects using highly personalized, valuable content that help convert leads into customers and customers into happy customers. This kind of marketing automation usually helps businesses produce considerable new revenue and an excellent return on investment.

It may not be one of the easiest marketing initiatives but it’s definitely not impossible. Here is an example to better understand the concept of marketing automation. Imagine you are trying to grow a plant. First, you will have to fertilize your soil so it’s prime for growing your plant. Second, you will need seeds to grow the plant. Finally, you will require water and light to nurture the seed so it grows into a blooming plant. It’s not guaranteed that your plant will be lush, but it certainly is possible. Coming back to our story, effective marketing automation is exactly like nurturing the plant. At the end of the day, we can only hope that our nurtured leads will grow into actual paying customers by following all the steps and taking great care.


Practical use of online marketing automation

The practice of online marketing automation can help businesses streamline their marketing activities and efforts for more efficient and quicker results. However, online marketing automation programs dominate the industry because they allow businesses to update in real-time.

According to a study by the State of Marketing in 2017, 67 percent of marketing leaders used a marketing automation platform. The same research said that over the course of next two years, an additional 21 percent of marketing leaders plan to start using a marketing automation platform.

According to the marketing automation trends survey in 2016 by Ascend2, 63 percent of companies outsource all or some parts of their marketing automation strategy planning, 51 percent use a combination of in-house and outsourced marketing automation resources, 12 percent outsourced completely to a specialist and only 37 percent used in-house resources only.


Barriers to successful marketing automation

According to the marketing automation trends survey in 2016 by Ascend2, the most significant barriers to marketing automation success are:

  • Lack of an effective strategy (52%)
  • Complexity of the system (42%)
  • Inadequate contact data quality (38%)
  • Lack of employee skills (32%)
  • Lack of relevant content (31%)
  • Marketing and sales alignment (30%)
  • Budget constraints (27%)


Hence, when it comes to marketing automation, marketers and industry leaders suggest outsourcing these services from a digital marketing agency, because they can help you break down barriers to reach a successful marketing automation program using their team of professional and experienced experts and latest technologies.




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