Your mothers' day posts this year

Your Mother’s Day Posts This Year!

There is no role in life that is more essential than motherhood ~Mahatama Gandhi

Mother’s day is a special time of year and everyone wants to make it special for their first, best and forever friend, their mom.  Mothers are like the binding glue of a family, and even when they are not at home, they still keep the family together.

Mother is the name for god in the hearts and lips of little children~ William Thackeray

On Mother’s Day, there is competition among brands for excellence. Every brand tries making an emotional and spiritual bond with its valued customers. Therefore, each firm tries to run mesmerizing advertising campaigns to seek the attention of the audience and impress them with their services.

Moms will probably be happy with a simple homemade gift, but brands will encourage you to pamper her with everything that money can possibly buy.

Companies never miss an opportunity to engage with their digital audience. Today, every brand from banks and fashion companies to the digital and telecommunications world come up with the most sentimental and heart-warming campaigns on every possible platform including social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), billboards, email and digital advertisements on electronic and print media.

Mother’s Day Competition or Giveaway

Online competitions are the perfect way to seek the attention of a large audience. On Mother’s Day, every brand can equally participate because the occasion is not limited to one specific niche or product line.

Try to run an online competition by asking simple questions or asking your audience to write on emotional topics like:

  • What makes the bond of motherhood special?
  • How is your mom different from others?
  • What do you want to do for your mom?
  • How can you prove that your mom is the best in the world?

You can also run an online photography competition and ask your audiences to snap a beautiful picture with their mothers and announce a free gift for the best one.

Influencer Marketing

Embrace the power of blogging and collaborate with famous mommy bloggers or a parenting influencer. The influencer will feature, review and recommend your product to its followers, which will increase your reach and will improve the brand’s image in the audience’s mind.

Simple Text Posts

Keep posting tender, affectionate and loving content through your social media posts and stories. Try to use a variety of fonts and colors to produce eye catchy content and ask your followers to tag their mothers and other family members.

These are some of the tips for running a successful social media campaign on Mother’s Day.

Start planning for the big day to make this Mother’s Day a big hit for your brand!

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