Common bottlenecks in digital marketing industry and their Solutions

Common bottlenecks in digital marketing industry and their solutions

Marketers are used to experience bottlenecks that impede the materialization of various strategies. However, the solution to these bottlenecks in digital marketing lies in ‘marketing automation’. Due to fast technological advancement, companies today have the option of SaaS tools to overcome the barrier between business and consumer. SaaS tools provide marketers with an option to provide advanced and improved customer experiences and thus maximize profitability.

According to a survey by Blueshift Benchmark Report 2016 currently, only 51% of businesses are utilizing marketing automation to overcome the faced hurdles. This highlights the huge number of hurdles faced by industries in digital marketing. Following are the main challenges faced by business companies:


Data can be a bottleneck for industries. Data can pose serious challenges to strategies. The top priority for marketers is to create traffic. However, a serious drawback is that traffic may hinge on data processes of a company. Extracting insight is the key to success in marketing efforts in B2B or B2C both channels.  What needs to be addressed is Single Customer View. SCV is basically the flow of data that helps sales and statistics development.


The second challenge being faced these days is of Technology innovation. Technology innovation has reshaped the digital landscape entirely. Customer-brand relationship has gained immense importance. The entire communication is relying on consumers these days. Thus, it has become important for brands and industries to utilize technology for their advantage. They can no longer claim ‘’technology gap’’ as a reason for delivering poor customer services.


Though it could be difficult at times to focus entirely on wider strategic goals, it is important to consider the importance of time amidst the day to day tasks. For example, research shows that 79% of marketing leads never get converted to sales, the reason behind this is poor lead nurturing efforts but the main cause here is lack of time. Thus, managing time effectively is the key. To manage time effectively, one should rely on marketing automation. Though it takes time to implement, it definitely saves time in the longer run. Automation thus serves as a revenue-generating tactic. Automation of social media posts can save 6hrs every week. Similarly, dynamic content variation increases sales by 20% in emails.

Lack of Resources

Lack of enough resources is a major bottleneck in automation journey. Many marketers, while working on day to day tasks, forget to focus on process improvement and automation. This may compromise marketing effectiveness in the long run. An eMarketer report suggests investment in improving and digitalizing resources with the passage of time. As per reports, 40% of UK marketers opine that having limited resources is a major hindrance for them in email marketing automation. Budget restraints and lack of effective strategy make the situation more complicated. Thus, the solution lies in gradual investment in upgrading the resources to achieve maximum benefits.


Marketers can utilize technology effectively by using the right expertise. According to a report published by the Digital Marketing Institute, most important skills gap between UK and US organizations is strategy and planning. To overcome the challenge of expertise, strategic guidance via account manager and digital consultancy session can help.

Unsure of Audience

Understanding the audience for a particular project is the key to create valuable content. Not knowing the demands of the audience is the foremost hurdle in developing valuable content and achieving desired outcomes. The solution lies in developing the extensive profile of the target audience including all necessary details like business role, industry, and purchase authority, etc. Strategy tools could also be utilized to focus on a specific audience. By focusing on motivations along with demographics cannot only help in content development but can also be utilized in the whole organization in understanding the prospects in a better way.

Unsure of Goals

One may lose the direction of intended goals by spending less time in planning and directing more energy on day to day tasks. According to 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, marketing effectiveness increases up to 55% if there is clarity of goals and vision in an organization.

Importance of Innovation

Lacking new ideas is one of the most important factors that prevent progress in digital marketing. Ideas brainstorming sessions can help bring innovation. Moreover, allowing writers to self-assign is another method to improve the quality of content and final outcome.

Ad hoc Scheduling

One of the toughest task faced in content marketing is adhering to particular content cadence. This may seem obvious and easy, but maintaining and sticking to the editorial calendar across the whole organization is a tedious task undoubtedly. It is thus advisable to make content calendar visible to all employees of an organization to achieve synchronization and harmony in the organization.

Limited or No Access to Design Resources

Lack of expertise can stifle the creativity of writers. Digital automation provides the solution. By introducing automation and creativity in design resources and providing access to all contributors is the key to developing innovative and market competitive content. Manual access of all resources no doubt is important but it requires considerable time and energy to fetch desired resources manually. Automation helps saving time and energy and utilization of the expertise of content writers in a more effective way to produce maximum benefit for the entire organization. For example, Companies may use some budget to create a reusable template from agencies like Digital Marketing Agency which provides terrific designs at affordable rates.

Various bottlenecks in the digital marketing industry were discussed along with their possible solutions.  The most important solution though is introducing automation to achieve desired outcomes i.e. short term and long term goals.

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