Today I am going to tell you about Advanced SEO Writing tips, and tell you so in a language that’s easy for everyone to understand. One thing to be noticed here, when I refer to “Advanced” it can be comparative. One group’s advanced level will be beginner for another. As I said earlier, I’ll try to make it as easy as possible and going to write this in typical robotic language.

What is SEO Writing?

SEO writing is the technique or the way of writing used by many people like you to make a website to be more visible to major search engines, mainly Google. A website which is optimized for keywords in a very nice way will appear on the starting pages of search engine result when someone searches for that topic.

Well, that’s SEO writing for you. Now, on to advanced tips.





You can use the following tips and ideas very easily by yourself to enhance the visibility and audience for your website. If you don’t understand any of these tips, feel free to comment and ask me.  I will make sure that you get that idea completely.

  • SEO-friendly blogging software/platforms, Make sure that you are using one. I recommend  WordPress. You can also create your account with Glu7 for free and have the advantage of Free Drag and Drop Builder to build your blog yourself.
  • Consistency in posts. Minimum count will be 3-4 times in a week. Search engines rank your site or page on how frequently it is updated. That’s why Blogs are very SEO-friendly; they get updated more frequently than many static websites.
  • Time is money – so plan your post before time. Plan what will be your next post to come. Make strategies and focus on keywords and try to use those keywords within your post that will be relevant to your entire content. Make this effort look deliberate.
  • Make your posts interesting and worth reading. Make people read your posts completely from top to bottom, from start to finish. Construct them in a way that a person will read it completely and doesn’t leave you with bounce rate because bounce rate will hurt your SEO.
  • Headers and sub-headers are vital. Use headers and sub-headers to organize your keywords and to optimize them nicely there. It will vary with the theme you will be using for your blog.
  • Content must be linked to previous content. Link it with previous content of your blog or website by using anchor texts. If you have posts that are having a good message or information which is interesting, link to them often.
  • Use site categories and blog post series. Writing a blog post series or organizing articles in categories will increase your page rank for a specified term or a set of terms. Build a landing page that will link to all the posts or pages of that category or series.
  • Great content. This is always the deadliest tool in the arsenal. Believe me it is my own experience. The more time I pour in on a post, the better the result.
  • Use other’s site for Guest Blogging. I recommend you do that. Do it a few times in a month. My SEO expert friends say that writing for others and making them link back to your site is 5 times better for you than writing another post for your own blog.
  • Catch all eyes with some incredible titles. This will make people retweet it on twitter and to share it on social networking channels.
  • Use awesome photos, Use keywords in titles of the images, alt-tags and also in their descriptions.


Bonus Tips! Don’t ever forget to do these things.

  • Be a human while writing
  • Make your titles descriptive and interesting
  • Make sure to link other people (In this way others will also link back to you)

Surprised? Yes, it’s ironic how far basics can take you. I guarantee you, basics and these advanced tips will take almost up to 90% of your blog’s or site’s SEO.

Still have some questions? No problem. Leave a comment for me if something is not clear to you and I’ll try my best to answer you as soon as possible.

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