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Why Attend Social Media Conferences?

The hardest challenge social media professionals face nowadays is to keep up with the ever changing and evolving industry landscapes with new technology and algorithms appearing every day. A great way to stay updated with the latest innovations is to meet other marketers and PR pros in the field regularly.

A powerful truth is that marketers who attend social media conferences are more successful in general and their clients are more satisfied.

Social Media Has Taken Over the Media Landscape

Online social media has taken over the marketing world which was previously ruled by radio, television and other traditional media. Social media content and campaigns go viral within no time across the globe which proves the fact that social media is the king of the marketing world and no brand can excel without a successful social media strategy.

We don’t have a choice whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it. ~Erik Qualman

Here we have listed some of the reasons why is it so essential to attend social media conferences.

Rejuvenate Your Ideas and Passion

Being human, we need motivation and inspiration to drive us forward towards success. By attending conferences, you get lots of new ideas and techniques. It gives information about the strategies of competitors and new ways to engage the online community. These conferences give us a chance to closely monitor the successful people and to follow their footsteps.

Marketing your presence on social media is as important as creating your presence!

No matter how good you are, many insights will always be new for you and there is always a room for improvement.

That One Key Insight

The new ideas you get from these meetings can have a huge impact on your success over the internet. One minor change in your marketing strategy can have a massive impact on your audience and can change their mindset towards your company or services. At a social media conference, you get dozens of insights every hour. You get answers to things like:

  • Why a standard practice you follow isn’t working anymore.
  • Marketing strategies of other similar companies that made them successful.
  • Reviews about expensive social media tools which you are reluctant to buy.

Learning About the Latest Technology That Will Make Your Job Easier

Social media software solutions are complex to understand and there are many different options available so it becomes difficult to select one that fits all of your needs. Social media conferences provide an opportunity to discuss your difficulties with experts who have gone through the same things. You can discuss the pros and cons of a software with a professional who has already used it and it will save you lots of money since you will not have to buy that software to check its usability.

The organizers of social media conferences work hard to bring together a diverse group of experts under one roof so that they can provide smart technology solutions to the problems of the digital world. These are the people who run the industry and move it forward. They can help you improve the efficiency of your daily activities and can give you lots of new exciting ideas to engage the audience and increase your growth.

Build Your Professional Network

Interaction with your fellow partners not only provides beneficial information but also helps to build a professional network. It’s a golden opportunity to meet and learn from CEO’s, CMO’s and higher management of the world’s leading companies. You can also find new advocates or employees for your own company.

It’s way more important to build an engaged audience than a huge audience!

Promote Your Brand and Raise Awareness

Social media conferences provide a unique space to promote your business since you get to spend quality time and enjoy an enriched knowledgeable discussion with hundreds of professionals who are interested to know about your brand and are excited to hear your journey towards success. It provides a great platform to portray a better image of your company and it’s an indication that you are well aware of the latest marketing trends.

Happy Hour Secret

Social media conferences provide a great opportunity to establish relationships with other marketers of the same field. We all have online connections with others over the internet but there is no replacement for face to face communication and conferences are designed with the same concept of networking and intimacy in mind.


Generate New Leads

Although conferences are not designed for trading purposes, they are a great platform to raise brand awareness and to promote and possibly sell your products and services. There is a great chance that you might find new clients for your business.

Final Words

It’s a dynamic and rewarding experience to attend social media conferences either as an attendee or speaker. It provides information about the latest marketing trends and new strategies of your competitors. It’s a golden opportunity to know about the latest software solutions to your digital problems. These gatherings are an insightful learning opportunity and a platform to meet your potential clients so always try to be a part of them.

Common Social Media Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Are you one of the thousands of people who have been working with great zeal and tenacity to optimize their marketing campaigns through social media platforms?

Do you find yourself satisfied with your marketing goals?

If you’re satisfied, that’s more than awesome. If not, don’t get yourself stressed. There are some very common mistakes people make when they are working on their social media oriented objectives. You may be making some of them.

Learning what mistakes you are making is important to have more control over your digital ventures. Read this blog and find where you have been going wrong and fix your shortcomings straightaway.

Making random posts without a strategy

Marketers should know what they are doing and what outcomes they can expect from their actions on social media. Populating social media platforms with loads of stuff is not the best idea. Instead, you want to post content that actually grabs people’s attention. A well-planned strategy is what gets you in position to post content that has a purpose behind it. For example, posting a humorous image related to the aviation industry won’t help a digital marketing agency New York. Potential customers may give it a thumbs up, or even laugh, but it won’t push them to the agency’s website or help them understand what the agency does.

It should not be underestimated that people don’t just enjoy social media, they evaluate quite a few things through it. An organization reflects its level of professionalism through what they display on social media.

Unreviewed Content Posting

The biggest dent on the image of an individual is their mistakes with spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc. When it comes to organizations, it’s even more damaging. Individuals may be neglected for those mistakes, but organizations get a very bad image if they make such mistakes.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to proofread content before posting. Human error is conceivable, but repetitively making mistakes makes the audience call the organization immature and incompetent.

Pushing to Purchase

Confusing social media with an ecommerce website is absolutely the wrong approach. Social media must not be seen as a platform to sell stuff. It portrays an image that the brand is just after sales and trying to grab customers. As a result, people don’t just start disregarding the brand, they also see the brand as greedy and sales centric.

People see social posts as a way to get closer to brands, and in this context, even thinking about sales would ruin the customers’ affection for the brand. This is where the brands should think a little out of the box and exempt sales from their social media campaigns. This will have a positive impact on sales, but through actual sales channels.

Being the Same as Others

There may be hundreds of competitors’ brands campaigning on social media at the same time that you are.  So, doesn’t it sound crucial to distinguish yourself from them? It definitely does, and the way it’s done is avoiding the use of generic stuff like hashtag trends which are so commonly used. A brand has to make sure it puts up what people find different. If customers find you different, they count you as intelligent. This is the impression a brand can highly capitalize on.

Fake Likes

Doesn’t it sound crazy to deceive yourself? What’s the point in seeing your post, or even posting it, when you know the activity you are watching is not real and the likes you see are purchased. No one’s going to be impressed by the number of likes if the post is genuinely not attractive. Fake likes are like collecting a heap of fodder for the cattle that would never come.

Another disadvantage is that you would not be able to analyze the performance of your campaign, and hence you would never be able to improve it.