7 Unavoidable Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

As 2019 approaches, the landscape of digital marketing that encompasses SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media is witnessing a dramatic shift towards artificial intelligence and visual search. Business organizations are looking for ways to find a competitive advantage over their competitors, to connect with a large audience.

Each day, new digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving in the current technology-driven era and businesses now may need to follow them to achieve success, because what worked for you last year may not work this year.

Marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50 years. With that being said, here are seven digital marketing trends you can expect to see take shape in 2019.

Artificial Intelligenceartificial-intelligence

Artificial intelligence will take over the world!

AI will definitely be pulling its weight in the marketing world this year as it is now powering customer segmentation, push notifications, retargeting and click tracking in a limitless combination of possibilities.

AI is even creating content as you are reading this!

AI can analyze search patterns and consumer’s behavior using data from social media platforms and blog posts that help organizations understand the customer’s suggestions and feedback on their products and services.

consumer’s behavior

The use of AI for improving your digital marketing portfolio depends on your goals and channels. But how does artificial intelligence help organizations to achieve growth goals? The answer is through personalization. Organizations can now personalize their lead marketing which helps convert them from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead.


Man is a social animal; that means they need to interact with other humans. That is why social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are so popular. However, constantly engaging within social media is not the best solution to become closer to your customers. You can install a chatbot on your website to interact with your visitors. With the advancement in artificial intelligence over the years, chatbots now have the ability to hold a basic conversation with visitors and answer the frequently asked questions just like a live human customer support representative would.


According to Gartner, 25% of the customers will use chatbot technology by 2020.

Although many websites have been offering a live chat support system with live representatives for years, the system has still not been robust. A chatbot is a cheaper and more reliable option because it doesn’t need to be staffed and it can answer visitor’s questions almost immediately.

With the continuous advancement in artificial intelligence, chatbots will improve as well.

Omnichannel Marketing

Initially, multichannel marketing was introduced to allow the prospects to communicate with businesses through various channels. Although multichannel marketing was a step up from digital marketing, it was not a permanent solution to consumer’s problems.

Omni channel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing provides a better experience to your prospects since it is a seamless and consistent mode of communication across all channels. The purpose of omnichannel marketing is to keep track of the prospect’s interactions even though they are interacting through different channels. In turn, your customers will also be impressed that you care about them and are giving attention to their previous interactions.

To implement omnichannel marketing, find a customer relationship management program (CRM) that allows you to keep track of your interactions with customers on different platforms.

Email and Marketing Automation

Email has been a powerful tool of digital marketing for two decades. Now business organizations can send customized emails to different subscribers based on their interests, which is determined by the type of content they are engaged with. Personalization makes the email more effective and it eliminates time wastage along with improving the collaboration.

Video Marketing

With platforms like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video and Facebook live, video marketing is a big online trend that will continue to grow with time. Traditional content of TV and newspaper is now available on smartphones. Since consumers spend more time on their smartphones watching videos, advertisers are expected to spend 20 billion dollars on video marketing in 2019. Video marketing can add glamour to your product launch and you can create more awareness about your product.

According to Cisco, 82% of the internet traffic will be through video marketing by 2020!

Video Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing that focuses on using the influence of key leaders on social media to deliver your brand’s message to the larger market.  Rather than marketing directly, you instead pay influencers to perform the task for you.

It is a very effective marketing tool that attracts customers because people generally trust consumer opinions over corporate statements. Influencers can be anyone from famous film and TV celebrities to YouTube and Instagram stars and well-known bloggers and journalists.

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

How effective will your marketing be if your prospects can test your product before making any commitment? Using augmented or virtual reality to release your product ensures that there is no risk on the part of your prospect and shows that you are ahead of the game.

Augmented reality inserts subjects into a real-life setting that allows people to add something to the environment and see how it will look when the object is included. Virtual reality creates a completely new environment that a customer can experience; businesses can use it for marketing purposes besides its use in video games.

How advance payment technologies are changing the course of ecommerce

Online payment and ecommerce has reshaped the business landscape significantly. The international ecommerce market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CGAR) of over 16% during the forecast period (Technavio’s latest report). The ecommerce payment market is getting popular worldwide due to the rise in the number of smartphone users with 3G and 4G subscriptions. The world’s leading vendors and merchandisers are now partnering with banking and non-banking institutes to integrate online and offline channels and to provide the premium opportunity of online shopping to their valued customers. The vendors are now making investments to provide secure ways of online transaction, to provide a better customer experience and build trust and compatibility to their customers.

Some of the top vendors in the global ecommerce payment market are:

Impact of tech-savvy customers

The impact of tech-savvy customers on the ecommerce world is not just stronger but faster than ever before. Now customers find online shopping a more convenient and easy way that helps with time management and saves them from the hustle and bustle of the market. There are millions of different options available for online customers without the hassle of leaving the house. Customers have access to a range of tools that help them surf over a variety of designs, gauge prices, find alternatives, locate stores, and receive online discounts.

With the latest technology, customers can keep track of their order and interact directly with online retailers. Since technology has changed the business-to-consumer transactions, new opportunities for both sides of the sphere are emerging.  Retailers are now well aware of the benefits of online business marketing and management. The advanced technology helps to build a stronger and compatible connection with consumers and aids in enhancing and building the image of the brand faster.

Consumers love the experience of faster delivery and lower prices

Convenience is the number one driving force towards the success of ecommerce websites. Customers find it convenient to sit at home comfortably in front of their computer screens and surf over millions of products, as such variety and display is not available in the traditional shopping system.

Mobile apps help to build stronger consumer/ retailer relationships

Online apps provide an opportunity to build a connection with consumers that goes beyond the boundaries of a brick and mortar business. Brands no longer have to wait for customers to walk into their shops or watch an advertisement to promote customer engagement.

Electronic payment technologies and ecommerce are reshaping the financial activity and lifestyle of consumers by:

  • Automating complex transactions for simplicity
  • Improving cash flow management
  • Creating smarter and safer ways for online payments
  • Broadening the access to financial resources
  • Increasing revenue in emerging markets
  • The development of new, smart financial products and services
  • Expanding the online market for banking and other financial services
  • Disruption of traditional business models

What will the future technology be for a faster and reliable business?

Digital Marketing Agency

Why Attend Social Media Conferences?

The hardest challenge social media professionals face nowadays is to keep up with the ever changing and evolving industry landscapes with new technology and algorithms appearing every day. A great way to stay updated with the latest innovations is to meet other marketers and PR pros in the field regularly.

A powerful truth is that marketers who attend social media conferences are more successful in general and their clients are more satisfied.

Social Media Has Taken Over the Media Landscape

Online social media has taken over the marketing world which was previously ruled by radio, television and other traditional media. Social media content and campaigns go viral within no time across the globe which proves the fact that social media is the king of the marketing world and no brand can excel without a successful social media strategy.

We don’t have a choice whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it. ~Erik Qualman

Here we have listed some of the reasons why is it so essential to attend social media conferences.

Rejuvenate Your Ideas and Passion

Being human, we need motivation and inspiration to drive us forward towards success. By attending conferences, you get lots of new ideas and techniques. It gives information about the strategies of competitors and new ways to engage the online community. These conferences give us a chance to closely monitor the successful people and to follow their footsteps.

Marketing your presence on social media is as important as creating your presence!

No matter how good you are, many insights will always be new for you and there is always a room for improvement.

That One Key Insight

The new ideas you get from these meetings can have a huge impact on your success over the internet. One minor change in your marketing strategy can have a massive impact on your audience and can change their mindset towards your company or services. At a social media conference, you get dozens of insights every hour. You get answers to things like:

  • Why a standard practice you follow isn’t working anymore.
  • Marketing strategies of other similar companies that made them successful.
  • Reviews about expensive social media tools which you are reluctant to buy.

Learning About the Latest Technology That Will Make Your Job Easier

Social media software solutions are complex to understand and there are many different options available so it becomes difficult to select one that fits all of your needs. Social media conferences provide an opportunity to discuss your difficulties with experts who have gone through the same things. You can discuss the pros and cons of a software with a professional who has already used it and it will save you lots of money since you will not have to buy that software to check its usability.

The organizers of social media conferences work hard to bring together a diverse group of experts under one roof so that they can provide smart technology solutions to the problems of the digital world. These are the people who run the industry and move it forward. They can help you improve the efficiency of your daily activities and can give you lots of new exciting ideas to engage the audience and increase your growth.

Build Your Professional Network

Interaction with your fellow partners not only provides beneficial information but also helps to build a professional network. It’s a golden opportunity to meet and learn from CEO’s, CMO’s and higher management of the world’s leading companies. You can also find new advocates or employees for your own company.

It’s way more important to build an engaged audience than a huge audience!

Promote Your Brand and Raise Awareness

Social media conferences provide a unique space to promote your business since you get to spend quality time and enjoy an enriched knowledgeable discussion with hundreds of professionals who are interested to know about your brand and are excited to hear your journey towards success. It provides a great platform to portray a better image of your company and it’s an indication that you are well aware of the latest marketing trends.

Happy Hour Secret

Social media conferences provide a great opportunity to establish relationships with other marketers of the same field. We all have online connections with others over the internet but there is no replacement for face to face communication and conferences are designed with the same concept of networking and intimacy in mind.


Generate New Leads

Although conferences are not designed for trading purposes, they are a great platform to raise brand awareness and to promote and possibly sell your products and services. There is a great chance that you might find new clients for your business.

Final Words

It’s a dynamic and rewarding experience to attend social media conferences either as an attendee or speaker. It provides information about the latest marketing trends and new strategies of your competitors. It’s a golden opportunity to know about the latest software solutions to your digital problems. These gatherings are an insightful learning opportunity and a platform to meet your potential clients so always try to be a part of them.

Are social media gatherings the new marketing trend

Social media marketing is an ever-evolving field. Whether you are a Facebook guru, a renowned twitterati, or a legend on Instagram, you can never truly know everything. What started off as a means to communicate with your friends and family members, and to share funny cat videos with the rest of the world, has now evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry.

To help fellow marketers and entrepreneurs prepare strategies to capitalize on the true potential in social media, we will discuss seven superb tips in this article.

Keep abreast of the contemporary trends

The key to success is to always keep yourself up-to-date with contemporary trends and developments. With 2019 in full swing, it’s now time to look toward what will be the best way to boost your business. Your audience will not pay attention to repetitive content from last year. The latest trends and viral posts are what drive people on social media.

Move aside celebrities, micro-influencers are taking over!

The rise of social media has provided brands with a more direct and intimate channel of marketing. Marketers are cashing in on this bridge by investing heavily on influencer marketing, with some brands investing up to millions of dollars in paying celebrities for a simple shout out on their Instagram profiles! However, the focus of this investment is shifting towards micro-influencers – ordinary people with a decent number of followers. And the best part? They don’t charge as much as celebrities!

Let the audience speak out

The internet can be best described as a landmine riddled with explosive power. One misstep and your brand could experience a major downfall. However, the internet also offers you the ability to listen and monitor what people are saying about your business. Social selling and lead generation fancy their chances with more feedback in real time.

Let bots have some talk time

Many decades ago, the concept of artificial intelligence was considered to be limited to science fiction only. Today, AI is slowly cementing its place in the domain of online customer service. For example, the Facebook Messenger AI chatbot, M, is currently being used by many brands. The focus on artificial intelligence for customer service purposes is expected to go up in 2019, as more and more businesses look towards cutting costs.

Share a story

One of the key features of social media are stories. First introduced by Snapchat, these short visual contents disappear into thin air after 24 hours. Later, Facebook (and Instagram) jumped in on the bandwagon too, and are currently giving Snapchat a run for its money. All things aside, the rise of social media stories gave rise to story ads, which are now being explored by marketers around the globe.

All hail video, the one true king of content!

It is a well-established fact that video rules content. According to a report published by Cisco, by the year 2021, more than 80% of all internet traffic will be generated by video content alone! If you haven’t already, it’s time to polish up your video editing skills, because that’s the focal point of all marketing strategies.

Don’t forget your business location

Most of your sales come from foot traffic. Location based marketing is the best way to pull in the maximum number of sales in the vicinity of a business. More attractive for small businesses, location based marketing will produce ambassadors who will strengthen your brand among the broader audiences.

Four Proven Strategies for Increasing Your Conversion Rate On Ecommerce

Do you think you are doing your best to drive traffic to your ecommerce site?

Do you use an online marketing automation platform, such as Marketo, to help you increase your conversion rate?

You may have a good number of website visitors, but if you are not converting them into customers as best as possible, you are missing out on a lot of sales revenue. Minor tweaks and changes can make a big difference in how a visitor’s journey ends on your website.

In this blog, we will learn four effective ways to boost conversion rate, increase revenue and achieve goals.

Take Advantage of Abandoned Carts

How do you deal with abandoned carts? If you don’t have a strategy for abandoned carts then you are letting potential customers slip away. When a visitor adds products to their cart but doesn’t make the purchase, all they need is a little nudge. There could be many reasons for not checking out. They could have gotten distracted by something or they could have decided to visit other websites.

According to a shopping cart abandoned index published by Listrak, during the last six months of 2017, the abandonment rate was 77%. Hence, if you have an ecommerce site, chances are you will have many visitors not complete checkout, but if you act fast you can still make them convert. Online marketing automation platforms allow you to send personalized emails or automated email reminders to your visitors with an abandoned cart for customers to finish the purchase.

Click here to learn more about how your ecommerce site can benefit from an online marketing automation platform.

More Benefits, Fewer Features

Another effective way to increase your conversion rate is to change your content. The product or service description on your ecommerce website should always focus more on how your product or service will benefit the customer, help achieve their goals and provide value or create memories for a lifetime instead of only talking about its features.

Do you see how that would be better than a dry description of features? When finalizing what goes on your website, remember that people don’t but the product, they buy emotions and experiences.

Coupons for All

Everybody loves a good discount (I definitely do). According to Marketing Prof’s consumer psychology report, more than 50% of customers wouldn’t have purchased from an ecommerce website if they didn’t offer a discount.

Offering a coupon code is a great way to provide your customer a free value and it’s a proven way of increasing the conversion rate. You don’t always have to give out big discounts. Something as small as a 10% coupon is just as good as any other discount.

Make It As Easy As Possible

Your website visitors should be able to get to the checkout in approximately four clicks. This would usually include adding items to the cart, clicking checkout option, putting in information and placing the order. You should make sure your sales funnel is as lean as possible.

The three most important stops on your sales funnel are the product page, the cart and checkout. Keep checking these areas and jot down where there is room for improvement. Here are some ideas to improve:

Product page:

Include high-quality product images from different angles, be enticing with descriptions, make the “add to cart” button easy to find, and display the reviews and feedback your customers have given you.


Line the items and make sure the totals and shipping costs are easy to see. To increase conversion and therefore to provide a better experience, you can provide editable field options such as coupon input, quantity, upsells and warranty policies.


The key fields of customer information you absolutely need to make the sale are the name, email, shipping address and payment method. Other than this, all the non-essential information and the setting up of an account should be optional for checkout. This is important because not every customer would want to create an account and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a sale.


Increasing the conversion rate of your ecommerce website is an ongoing process and requires continuous optimization of your store and trying new ideas. However, a digital enablement agency with an online marketing automation platform, can really help you increase and sustain a competitive edge for your ecommerce site.

Six Email Marketing Tips for Every B2B Digital Marketer

Are you looking for an online marketing automation platform for your business?

Social media and content marketing are great examples of lead nurturing via the sales funnel, but they do have their limitations. To get this content in front of leads requires a high keyword search ranking and the social media environment operates with heavy competition and a short lifespan. On top of that, there is no guarantee that leads would find the content.

However, using an online marketing automation platform for your email marketing strategy will increase the likelihood of your content being actually consumed by the leads. With modern technology, such as Marketo implementation and lead nurturing efforts, businesses can deliver relevant, personalized content on a channel their leads actively monitor.

To further help your business make the most of the latest technologies and robust strategies, here are six email marketing tips that every B2B digital marketer should consider.


Use an Account-Based Marketing Approach

Email “blasts” are no longer effective. Online marketing automation platforms allow for the optimum utilization of resources with targeted and personalized communication. Today, the best email marketing practices are less like social media marketing and are closer to account-based marketing. To be effective and inspire engagement, emails today are required to cater to the specific needs of each lead.

The account-based marketing approach involves segmenting your leads into relevant groups or accounts, based on their stages in the buying journey. This helps you deliver effective email communications specifically designed to help the given account gather the information they require, move further into the sales funnel or make a decision.


Optimize your emails for mobile

Today, if your emails are not optimized for mobile, you are most likely going to miss out on a sizeable portion of your audience. According to recent research, 68%of people check their emails on mobile devices and only 32% use their desktop to do the same.

A smart, mobile-optimized email template would be the most natural starting point, but how you structure your content is of great importance as well. To properly optimize your content, divide it into short and succinct paragraphs that are easily readable on a mobile device. In addition, make sure the links and buttons in the email are big enough and can easily be tapped.


Use trigger-based campaigns

Trigger-based campaigns using online marketing automation automatically send emails based on particular actions or inactions. For example, you could run a trigger-based campaign to send a welcome email to an individual when they create their account or to send a reminder to someone who abandoned their cart before checkout.


Personalize communication

You can enjoy higher open and click-through rates with personalized emails. Beyond the boosting of sales, personalization can be a very powerful means of engaging with your audience and building strong relations.

There is a range of ways you can use personalized communications, from using leads’ names, wishing them a happy birthday, to sending emails from a personal account instead of a brand, to make it a conversation and not a sales pitch.

Over the years, the information you gather works as an asset you can use to execute effective strategies that incorporate personalization of all types.


Customize dynamic content

To take the personalization a step further, you should use dynamic or smart content. Some online marketing automation platforms enable dynamic email campaigns that send different content to each recipient based on their available data.

On the basis of historical purchase data or information from previous brand interactions, you can apply a dynamic code to specific sections of an email template, which would customize these sections for each recipient.


Make your emails interactive

An interactive email is like a functioning web page. As people open the email, they can perform the required tasks right from the email, whether it is filling a form, rating content, responding to quizzes or providing other information.

An interactive email saves recipients’ time, and is more convenient and provides an overall better experience.

The Role of Marketing Automation in Your Digital Transformation

When you initiate something and proceed with it, the time may come when you get either frustrated or tired if the task isn’t going as planned. The first thought that may come to mind is that the use of technology may make things happen automatically. In this blog, we will be discussing how marketing automation is significant in the way of your digital transformation.

Defining Automation

Automation refers to using software or platforms to execute repetitive tasks effectively and in less time, and streamlining one’s digital strategy to smooth out and accelerate workflows.

Marketing Automation and your Digital Transformation

Every individual thinks of ways to ease rigorous activities, minimize their margin of error and ensure timeliness.

When it comes to businesses, many scenarios arise that demand implementing automation for certain processes. Whether you handle a huge plant in an oil refinery or send hundreds of emails at a time, automating processes is inevitable and unavoidable. Furthermore, as companies grow, they need to replace the outdated, old-fashioned ways of pursuing operations with machines and software that perform human tasks. Platforms like Global Shop Solutions and Deskera ERP are widely used enterprise management and automation softwares that have transformed the way industries managed their businesses a few years ago. Marketo is one of the best examples to explain how deep automation has gone into the online marketing industry. It is a multi-functional software platform that enables marketers run diverse campaigns more effectively in a collaborative working environment.

It’s More Reliable

If you leave a task to a human and specify a deadline, there is a chance that it may not get completed on time. Moreover, there can be human error on the final product, requiring more time for completion to get the errors fixed. Automation ensures the specified task gets completed in a set time span. Machines do not get tired and wear out. Once a task is assigned to a software, it executes right away.

It Saves Time

It’s quite needless to mention that computers are much faster than humans. Imagine editing the recipients of an email and then clicking the send button a hundred times. That would probably take a whole day, and then responding to the responses would take even more time. That is where automation can be counted as nothing less than a blessing. One click and an email is sent to all hundred customers, saving the whole day.

customer segmentation

Are you the same person as your friends and family members? Do you also like, need and want the same things as your brother, sister, mother, or father? Obviously, this is all a big no! You’re your very own person.

So, why do some companies and brands expect to appeal to a diverse range of customers with the same content with their marketing campaigns all the time?

Marketing companies find it to be an integral part of their marketing strategy to divide their audience by a range of parameters. This is very useful to effectively approach different segments based on their needs. Additionally, the trends and technology prevailing today in the industry make it extremely important to personalize content for customers, for which segmentation is essential.

Moreover, artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and analytics methodologies combined with cutting-edge online marketing automation tools will soon transform the way marketers see their marketing campaigns and the way customers evaluate them.

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the popular ways companies segment their audience.

Geographical and Personal Details

Segmenting customers by their geographical and personal details, like age and gender, makes it easy for companies to run location-based campaigns and offer products and services based on someone’s age or gender – think beauty products, clothes, even spa services.

Such segments are very common, and most companies probably have some level of geographical and personal details in their database.

Psychographics – Behavior, Opinions, Preferences, Choices

Every customer is a distinct individual who makes their own choices and has specific preferences and opinions. Customer behavior and preferences can be understood by the way marketers track web sessions and how people navigate certain areas of a website. This behavior can be easily tracked through analytics and search engine optimization tools and techniques.


Intelligent Segmentation through Machine Learning for Smarter Automation

In earlier times, it was counted as something extraordinary if a customer was greeted with a personalized text message upon purchasing a product or entering a hotel. Today, it is considered the norm, and the absence of such personalized communication is considered below standard. This is because the standard of marketing is constantly on the rise, thanks to technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning play a huge part in providing customer experiences that are perceived as different and exclusively designed for them.



The aspects of online marketing automation are very dynamic, and can never be taken for granted, especially knowing the lightning speed of advancements. Marketers must keep an eye on changing customer behavior and choices to always be in a position to figure out what changes they need to make in their marketing data and strategy. Being complacent about a perfect marketing strategy might get them in trouble.

How Technology Helps Marketers Address These Five Marketing Trends

Today, almost all aspects of human living have been influenced by technology. And when it comes to the digital side of human endeavors, technology seems to be ruling it. In that context, marketing looks to be overwhelmingly inspired by the rapid growth of technology.

Moreover, marketing trends are never serene, as they change too briskly. You need to have a multitude of strategies lined up so that you can always turn to the next strategy as trends change. This is where the technology plays a substantial role.

Let us see how the top five marketing trends in online marketing automation are addressed easily using technology. We’ll use Marketo for the examples, but you can apply to any marketing automation tool.

Never Be Predictable

The audience of today has become demanding, and there are reasons for it. The rise in the standard of marketing has developed a trend of asking for newer, smarter and more creative stuff. Moreover, the abundance of marketing content has educated audiences into what is innovative and exciting. Therefore, any conventional, predictable content is quickly ignored and left without being given attention.

Fortunately, technology takes marketers one step ahead from being seen as predictable by their audience – courtesy of web personalization. Instead of making generalized conversations and putting up traditional marketing phrases, marketers use customized content such as personalized messages, emails and images to engage smarter with the audience.              

Marketo implementation brings even more benefits to a marketing campaign. It provides you with options which take personalization to a whole new level. Marketo introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the game, and generates tailored content after assessing customers’ information gathered by their behavior and handling. That doesn’t only stimulate lead generation but secures a positive customer impression too.

Adapt to the Domination of Mobile Phone

The few inches of the mobile screen is the most viewed window in the world for sure, and thus the most powerful medium for marketers to reach out to the masses. Since the number of mobile phone users across the globe is constantly on the rise, it would be unwise to align the significance of mobile phones as a medium with other media.

The industry has already adopted the trend and started to cater to a customer’s journey by exclusively emphasizing the mobile device user experience. Marketing content these days is exquisitely designed for mobile devices to optimize a visitor’s web session. Marketo synchs the data with lead profiles, saved in different social platforms’ mobile applications, and releases ads, alerts or emails instantly. This gives marketers exposure to potential customers.

Data Drives the Campaign

Handling data today takes some serious effort from the marketers. Marketers have loads of diverse data that they need to maneuver time to time for the execution of their dynamic marketing strategies. But the concern is, how to handle and make the most out of it.

The good news is, data handling has never been as easy as Marketo has made it. Marketo implementation ensures the eradication of any hindrances in the way to managing data by providing smooth to and fro transportation. It offers an ease of moving data over and over again, and great convenience to use it in accordance to the custom standpoints of customers or potential customers.

Account Based Engagement – A Focused and Calculated Effort

Simplifying the spectrum, identifying the target, and then aiming at it is more logical than roaming the market in hopes to find a yielding interaction. That is what Account Based Engagement focuses on. Attempting to impress a broad range of companies or individuals with the same content is utilizing more effort for little outcome.

Engage with the most fruitful profiles in terms of revenue rather than wasting time and money with the infertile ones. You can channel customers more quickly and even assess the success through Marketo’s remarkable analytic features. Marketo organizes the particularized campaigns in order, and paves a great way to respond to customers promptly.

United We Win

The truth of working in departments and teams is that the departments and teams are for the organization, not for the customers. A customer has an impression of an organization as a whole; therefore, it is crucial for an organization to bridge gaps among its individuals, teams and departments. A combined drive with sound collaboration is highly important to produce meritorious results.

The sales engagement technology of Marketo lays a perfect collaborative platform for marketing and other individuals not only to execute their techniques jointly, but also to analyze their outcomes. Furthermore, Marketo’s “Sales Insights” enables marketers to steer the leads effectively and generate higher revenue.

The trends in online marketing automation might change soon, but we can still rely on technology as it stays ahead of the trends moving at lightning speed. So as the race advances, so does the technology to come up with more futuristic solutions to cater the digital needs.