customer segmentation

Are you the same person as your friends and family members? Do you also like, need and want the same things as your brother, sister, mother, or father? Obviously, this is all a big no! You’re your very own person.

So, why do some companies and brands expect to appeal to a diverse range of customers with the same content with their marketing campaigns all the time?

Marketing companies find it to be an integral part of their marketing strategy to divide their audience by a range of parameters. This is very useful to effectively approach different segments based on their needs. Additionally, the trends and technology prevailing today in the industry make it extremely important to personalize content for customers, for which segmentation is essential.

Moreover, artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and analytics methodologies combined with cutting-edge online marketing automation tools will soon transform the way marketers see their marketing campaigns and the way customers evaluate them.

In this blog, we will be discussing some of the popular ways companies segment their audience.

Geographical and Personal Details

Segmenting customers by their geographical and personal details, like age and gender, makes it easy for companies to run location-based campaigns and offer products and services based on someone’s age or gender – think beauty products, clothes, even spa services.

Such segments are very common, and most companies probably have some level of geographical and personal details in their database.

Psychographics – Behavior, Opinions, Preferences, Choices

Every customer is a distinct individual who makes their own choices and has specific preferences and opinions. Customer behavior and preferences can be understood by the way marketers track web sessions and how people navigate certain areas of a website. This behavior can be easily tracked through analytics and search engine optimization tools and techniques.


Intelligent Segmentation through Machine Learning for Smarter Automation

In earlier times, it was counted as something extraordinary if a customer was greeted with a personalized text message upon purchasing a product or entering a hotel. Today, it is considered the norm, and the absence of such personalized communication is considered below standard. This is because the standard of marketing is constantly on the rise, thanks to technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning play a huge part in providing customer experiences that are perceived as different and exclusively designed for them.



The aspects of online marketing automation are very dynamic, and can never be taken for granted, especially knowing the lightning speed of advancements. Marketers must keep an eye on changing customer behavior and choices to always be in a position to figure out what changes they need to make in their marketing data and strategy. Being complacent about a perfect marketing strategy might get them in trouble.

Why Content Marketing and Marketing Automation Should Go Hand in Hand

Online marketing standards today are unmatchable and incomparable to what they have been in the past. One could also say that they are always on the rise, and therefore catching up with them is never going to be easy for marketers of today’s online industry. If you want to make your customers come back and ask for more out of what you have, you need to ensure that you’re offering marvelous content marketing up to their standards.

Online marketing automation seems to be the only way marketers can satisfy hundreds of customers with their thousands of expectations and demands. Manually, we would never be able to bring about their diverse and numerous demands as required.

In this blog, we’ll cover how online marketing automation can help marketers come up to the standard of their audience and the reasons why it is very important to be focused on good content marketing.

Stay Connected

We know marketing is not an easy job. It requires constant attention, time, effort, and most importantly, innovation to produce the desired result. Marketers need to be active across channels, wherever they are executing their campaigns. If a sale is made, wonderful, but if not, be patient. At all times before, during, and after the sale process, marketers have to deliver relevant content to their audience at the points in which they expect it. This is pretty much impossible if done manually, which is why marketing automation is so important.

To make sure the content marketing mechanism works smoothly, like a well-lubricated engine, you need to eradicate time shortages, deadline constraints and other hindrances that may halt the content marketing cycle. Online marketing automation and content marketing, once put together, can make this happen with the smallest margin of error, as compared to being done manually.


Tailor the Content to Perfection

Every audience is extravagantly demanding today, thanks to more and more innovative and competitive pieces of work put up by today’s talented marketers. Marketing meets new standards every day, which ultimately increases the appetite of customers to ask for better, convincing and appealing content.

Generic content would not only frustrate customers and potential customers, but it would affect the campaign adversely. These days, customers expect to have a value-added service from brands. They anticipate that brands will serve them with more than what they expect. In order to lure them in, marketers need to be a step ahead of their customers. The content customers are exposed to should make them feel that it is designed exclusively for them. Such personalized content makes customers develop more affection and trust.


Don’t forget to listen for feedback

Marketing is a rigorous, continuous and long-term practice. It’s aimed at continuously delivering content to customers that puts them on the sale journey. But, have you ever wondered what is actually working and what is just floating on the surface? Are your strategy, efforts, and initiatives paying off or they are just consuming your time and resources?

The answer to these questions should get you thinking about gathering feedback from your customers. It’s very important to analyze your campaign from time to time, which can’t be done without the audience’s feedback. Use automation techniques to conduct polls and ask questions constantly to analyze what piece of marketing did as expected, and what failed. It helps to constantly improve the campaign, making up loopholes and designing future prospects, too.


Automation Lifts the Standard of Content Marketing

Automation eases pressure and creates a bit of breathing space for marketers as it frees time and cuts the effort in more than half. A wisely picked automation system can maximize your business by a great deal. It makes you nurture your customers and potential customers better, helps manage leads and capitalize on marketing opportunities like sending a note for someone’s birthday.



Automation saves a lot of time in content marketing and it gives insights to assess and improve marketing campaigns. Marketers are highly advised to follow automation techniques in order to keep up with the cutting edge marketing trends and cater to different standpoints of diverse classes of customers.