7 Unavoidable Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

7 Unavoidable Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

As 2019 approaches, the landscape of digital marketing that encompasses SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media is witnessing a dramatic shift towards artificial intelligence and visual search. Business organizations are looking for ways to find a competitive advantage over their competitors, to connect with a large audience.

Each day, new digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving in the current technology-driven era and businesses now may need to follow them to achieve success, because what worked for you last year may not work this year.

Marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50 years. With that being said, here are seven digital marketing trends you can expect to see take shape in 2019.

Artificial Intelligenceartificial-intelligence

Artificial intelligence will take over the world!

AI will definitely be pulling its weight in the marketing world this year as it is now powering customer segmentation, push notifications, retargeting and click tracking in a limitless combination of possibilities.

AI is even creating content as you are reading this!

AI can analyze search patterns and consumer’s behavior using data from social media platforms and blog posts that help organizations understand the customer’s suggestions and feedback on their products and services.

consumer’s behavior

The use of AI for improving your digital marketing portfolio depends on your goals and channels. But how does artificial intelligence help organizations to achieve growth goals? The answer is through personalization. Organizations can now personalize their lead marketing which helps convert them from a marketing qualified lead to a sales qualified lead.


Man is a social animal; that means they need to interact with other humans. That is why social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are so popular. However, constantly engaging within social media is not the best solution to become closer to your customers. You can install a chatbot on your website to interact with your visitors. With the advancement in artificial intelligence over the years, chatbots now have the ability to hold a basic conversation with visitors and answer the frequently asked questions just like a live human customer support representative would.


According to Gartner, 25% of the customers will use chatbot technology by 2020.

Although many websites have been offering a live chat support system with live representatives for years, the system has still not been robust. A chatbot is a cheaper and more reliable option because it doesn’t need to be staffed and it can answer visitor’s questions almost immediately.

With the continuous advancement in artificial intelligence, chatbots will improve as well.

Omnichannel Marketing

Initially, multichannel marketing was introduced to allow the prospects to communicate with businesses through various channels. Although multichannel marketing was a step up from digital marketing, it was not a permanent solution to consumer’s problems.

Omni channel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing provides a better experience to your prospects since it is a seamless and consistent mode of communication across all channels. The purpose of omnichannel marketing is to keep track of the prospect’s interactions even though they are interacting through different channels. In turn, your customers will also be impressed that you care about them and are giving attention to their previous interactions.

To implement omnichannel marketing, find a customer relationship management program (CRM) that allows you to keep track of your interactions with customers on different platforms.

Email and Marketing Automation

Email has been a powerful tool of digital marketing for two decades. Now business organizations can send customized emails to different subscribers based on their interests, which is determined by the type of content they are engaged with. Personalization makes the email more effective and it eliminates time wastage along with improving the collaboration.

Video Marketing

With platforms like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video and Facebook live, video marketing is a big online trend that will continue to grow with time. Traditional content of TV and newspaper is now available on smartphones. Since consumers spend more time on their smartphones watching videos, advertisers are expected to spend 20 billion dollars on video marketing in 2019. Video marketing can add glamour to your product launch and you can create more awareness about your product.

According to Cisco, 82% of the internet traffic will be through video marketing by 2020!

Video Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a type of ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing that focuses on using the influence of key leaders on social media to deliver your brand’s message to the larger market.  Rather than marketing directly, you instead pay influencers to perform the task for you.

It is a very effective marketing tool that attracts customers because people generally trust consumer opinions over corporate statements. Influencers can be anyone from famous film and TV celebrities to YouTube and Instagram stars and well-known bloggers and journalists.

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality

How effective will your marketing be if your prospects can test your product before making any commitment? Using augmented or virtual reality to release your product ensures that there is no risk on the part of your prospect and shows that you are ahead of the game.

Augmented reality inserts subjects into a real-life setting that allows people to add something to the environment and see how it will look when the object is included. Virtual reality creates a completely new environment that a customer can experience; businesses can use it for marketing purposes besides its use in video games.

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