Amazon Web Services | NX3


Competitive Edge Through Operational Agility

Amazon Web Services can open up a competitive edge portal by offering scalability. Optimize your bandwidth to save on resources and capitalize on business.


Manage Digital Resources Remotely

Auto Scaling gives you the liberty to increase resources with just a couple of clicks to keep up with increasing demands or reduce them during down times to optimize your costs. Through EC2, we can make management of resources as well as the cost, way more convenient.


Pay Only For The Capacity Used

Why pay for more when your data doesn’t take up huge amount of terabytes? It’s more than possible today because we can help you optimize your costs with via S3 storage where you can upgrade or downgrade your storage capacity anytime according to your need.


Route, Manage and Serve

Serve your users, offer convenience and win their trust, all these and more with our AWS solutions. You can conveniently manage health checks for DNS, direct users towards applications and manage the routing process, all with Amazon Route 53.


Make Online Penetration Easy and Economical

Finding your current mailing service provider to be too expensive or getting low conversions? Switch to Amazon SES via NX3 and feel the difference in cost-savings and in conversion rates. Thousands of quality mails for just a fraction of price.


Increase Presence, Penetration and Trust

Nearly half the world’s population surfs the web daily. If you have a website, your prospects can grow up by 3 billion, and with it, your chance to multiply your sales.

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