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Promote client presence at conference
Continue the conversation with workshop and booth attendees
Re connect with workshop non-attendees
Build relationships with personalization
Lead scoring based on user action


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Prior to the conference, a segmented email campaign was deployed to promote workshop and booth attendance at a large industry conference, which lead users to a registrant landing page. Once the user filled out a webform to register for their desired workshop, they were also given the choice to add a reminder to their calendars.

Post conference, a follow up campaign was designed to deploy in 3 separate streams to workshop attendees, booth attendees and workshop non-attendees (those that registered but did not attend the workshop), which provided the opportunity to continue the conversation with relavent brand content

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NX3 also set up a lead scoring system through Marketo and Salesforce, which was the first lead scoring rules created for this client. Based on interest and user action, for this campaign and all future campaigns, the client is now able to gage the level of interest and if the lead is cold or hot through Marketo-Salesforce sync. This provides their sales force team with increased visibility to properly assess and prioritize follow ups and help close deals faster.


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Achieved maximum workshop capacity at conference with automated nurture campaign, which included registrant calendar reminders

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Increased booth traffic at conference

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Nurtured relationships and grew interest with workshop attendees

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Re connected with non-workshop attendees for re-engagement

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Created lead scoring model to properly score based on interest of prospect which easily brought them down the sales funnel

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