Four Dos and Don’ts of Web Design from Experts

The statement “every business needs a website” comes as no shock to anyone in this technology-run time. Despite this, some still believe that the services of a web design company are inconsequential.

Many businesses believe that just having a website is good enough for their company. What they’re failing to realize is that an effective website with a useful web design is very important for their overall marketing, branding and operational success.

Web design company experts can create stunning web designs for your website that are not only easy on eyes but equally functional.  These websites are tailored to meet users’ expectations and your business and marketing goals.

Here are four dos and don’ts of web design from web design company experts:


DO: Keep your web design clean

A lot of times, our instinct pushes us to include as much visual and written content in our website as possible. In reality, the more cluttered our website is, the harder it is to keep visitors engaged and get the main message across. For optimized use of your website, make your web design clean, simple, and engaging while also keeping it unique.

DON’T: Distract your customers

In order to have an effective website, it is important that your web design layout doesn’t include elements that take attention away from what is really important. Elements like blinking text and very bright color backgrounds can distract your customers and make their visit uneventful.


DO: Consider your technology-updated customers

Make sure that your website is designed to not only cater to your desktop or laptop users but also those visiting your website from their smartphones.

DON’T: Make your website difficult to upload

Make your website effective and easy for visitors to load by avoiding the use of big graphic images, oversized pictures and videos, or other elements that make your website slow to load.


DO: Pick the right color theme

The color theme of your web design affects what your visitors take away from your website. Due to this, pick a website color theme that goes well with the brand image you want to set.

DON’T: Use more than three font sizes

Using more than three font sizes only confuses your visitors and takes attention away from what you want them to focus on. Make sure that the font you choose makes the picture clear for your visitors and invites them to read further.


DO: Help visitors navigate easily across the website

Your customers will have a pleasant and successful experience on your website when they can easily navigate across your website’s pages. It is essential that your web design includes an easy and simple navigation system.

DON’T: Make bland pages with little to no useful information

Having more pages on your website is good for SEO purposes. However, having bland website pages with little to no usefulness can take away from your visitor’s experience and it may annoy them and cause them to bounce.

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