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Five Elements You Need to Remove from Your Digital Marketing Plan

In the current business world, it’s no longer a valid to ask if you should execute a digital marketing plan, but rather how to take a relevant, effective and engaging approach for a digital marketing plan.

However, for quite a few of us, creating a digital marketing campaign and especially a social media marketing campaign can be a little intimidating.

Here are few simple elements that you need to stay away from when executing your digital marketing plan.

Don’t spam

You content is the best way to reach your audience. When you bombard your subscribers’ inbox and post on social media every few minutes, you lose the influence and power your content gives you.

There is a thin line between making your efforts consistent and spamming. Many organizations openly struggle with this. Your digital marketing efforts should ramp up when promoting a specific event, sale or promotional offer, but should maintain a consistent and relatively slow pace in the down times.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Diversity is the way to go with your digital marketing plan. There is constant development in trendy marketing technologies. Coming up with some of the best marketing strategies requires being not only knowledgeable but also using different aspects of digital marketing as part of your strategy.

Try out different techniques of digital marketing and find out what works best for your business operations and market. Some aspects to consider are search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, pay per click and blogging.

Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, it is a smarter move to benefit from various aspects of digital marketing and stay competitive in market.

Don’t try to make hard sales

Marketing is not about making hard sales, but rather engaging and nurturing a healthy interaction with your target audience. Your digital marketing campaigns should portray your business ideas, concepts and the answers or solutions your audience is looking for.

You can try to get the attention and trust of your audience through your content first. With consistency and interesting content, you can pull in your audience and convert them into customers with what you are offering them.

Don’t produce content just for the sake of having content

There is no doubt, content plays a very important part in your digital marketing strategy and especially for your SEO efforts. However, when done wrong, no matter how much content you produce it can be a waste of time and efforts.

To get the numerous benefits of content as part of your digital marketing campaign, it is essential that your content is engaging, relevant and useful for your audience. Moreover, to get high rankings on search engines you need your content to be original and it should naturally incorporate your researched keywords.

Don’t create mobile unfriendly content

You need to consider that most of internet users today use their smartphones more than desktops or laptops. Hence, go with smartphone friendly technologies for your digital marketing efforts and make sure every image, video, text or other content used is built with a mobile-friendly format.


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