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Design a Remarkable Digital Marketing Strategy in Five Steps

A study conducted by Smart Insights on Managing Digital Marketing states that:

  • 46% of brands don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy.
  • 16% of brands have a digital marketing strategy, but they haven’t integrated it into their marketing activities.

If a brand doesn’t have a properly defined plan or strategy, how can it expect to grow and find success? How will there be a meaningful outcome to measure and how will there be space to learn from past mistakes and improve?

Effective digital marketing and a solid overall online presence are without doubt a few of the major ways to connect with your audience. What decision makers need to ensure is that their digital marketing efforts can become successful by creating a real impact on the bottom line.

Here are five important steps that you need to follow to design your remarkable digital marketing strategy.

Set your objectives

You can only set effective objectives if you really know what you want.

The first step is to define your company’s overall objective so you can have a real chance at fitting your digital marketing objectives into a grand plan. Ask yourself: What is the prevailing objective you want your digital marketing strategy or efforts to achieve?

You should also be very clear on your key performance indicators (KPIs), which will give you a specific figure that you are accountable for achieving. By analyzing your past digital marketing efforts, you can make sure your KPIs are realistic and achievable.

Analyze your former strategy

It is not very smart to step into the designing phase of your digital marketing strategy without some background information.

Analyze the elements of success and failure from your previous digital marketing strategy as it will be very helpful in coming up with the best KPIs for your company.

However, you must make sure you have determined a specific time period that you want to analyze. You should also conduct the same analysis for your competitors and enable yourself to make well-informed decisions.

Speak the language of your audience

In all this planning, don’t forget who you are talking to and make sure your digital marketing strategy speaks the language of your audience.

It’s very important to never lose track of the people you are trying to reach. When designing your digital marketing strategy, make sure your audience is top of mind. You can do this by catering to the emotional needs of your audience and satisfying their wants and needs through creating thoughtfully developed digital personas.

Identify your resources and budget

Before getting started, it is best to identify your means and resources.

The three most important things you need to get familiar with are your budget, your team and your digital resources. Start by making the list of what you have available making any other decisions.

Plan your digital marketing strategy

After completing the first four steps, you can now craft a digital marketing strategy centered on insightful analysis.

You’ll never be able to predict exactly how your audience is going to react and behave, so not all of your assumptions are going to work. The idea is to constantly measure and monitor the execution of your digital marketing strategy and keep making changes as needed.


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