SEO Company

Organizations that once managed their SEO efforts in-house are consulting outside SEO companies more and more to help them avail all the benefits that a strong SEO strategy can provide.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been consistently evolving to represent the changes and updates in search engine algorithms so that companies can continue to see effective results. Where SEO was once all about keyword density and the use of backlinks, now SEO is only effective when it is integrated with a business’ overall digital marketing strategy.

The size of the SEO team you need devoted to your business is directly dependant on the size of your business and your business needs. This is one of the reasons why most organizations hire a professional SEO company to look over their SEO requirements.

Hiring your SEO company can be a daunting job, as the quality of the efforts made by your SEO company directly impact the organic traffic on your website, search engine rankings and lead generation.

Hence, here are five questions to ask before hiring an SEO company:

  1. What approach will you use to deliver results?

For effective SEO results, make sure your SEO strategy includes the three elements of a comprehensive SEO strategy: technical SEO, user experience, and on-page and off-page SEO. These are crucial for a results-driven strategy.

  1. How will you ensure that the SEO strategies will specifically work for our brand, business and industry niche?

You cannot approach SEO with a one size fits all attitude. Your SEO strategy can only be successful if your SEO company considers the uniqueness of your industry, your business model, and goals while making a tailored SEO strategy for your brand.

  1. How will you measure the strategy’s success?

No SEO company can guarantee page one SEO rankings, but it is essential that you and your SEO company discuss metrics that define the success of their SEO strategies.

A legitimate SEO company will make sure that your success metrics are directly based on your goals. If your defined goal is to increase local or global traffic, then your success metric and SEO approach will be around the same parameters.

  1. How long do we need to wait until we can expect results?

SEO practices include all organic methods of search engine visibility, so effective SEO practices take time. The time it takes to see SEO results can vary from business to business and their situations. Having a discussion about what is realistic in a certain timeframe will help management expectations.

  1. What do you need from us to be effective?

As mentioned previously, your SEO efforts will be much more effective if they are made while considering your business specifics. It is essential that you and your SEO company have constant discussions and check ins to keep the strategy relevant.

Pay Per Click

PPC (pay per click) advertising is becoming one of the most popular digital marketing tools available. For small businesses, pay per click advertising represents an affordable and effective method of marketing that has a high return on investment.

PPC advertising is significant for the online success of your business as it is one of the most necessary elements of a complete and effective digital marketing campaign.

Many times, small businesses underestimate the benefits of PPC marketing campaigns. As a result, these businesses miss out on a great opportunity that can help them grow their online business operations in a controlled and profitable manner.

Here are four pay per click trends that should be considered by small businesses to optimize their digital marketing campaign.

  1. Live data

Having updated data at right time is everything in marketing. The trend of 2017 is to get your data in real-time. This integration between real-time data and PPC ads is being adopted by many in the digital world.

Moreover, 2017 digital marketing predictions include live data for PPC ads to be the most popular trend of the year.

  1. Improvements to Google search text ads

In 2017, a boost was seen in Google search text ads. Many search engine giants and small businesses have increased the size of their textbox ads and added extensions. These extensions are great tools for B2C (business to consumer) advertising, as they make retail businesses more accessible for consumers.

  1. Personal ad targeting

Now is the best time to get personal. Having the right consumer data is becoming more critical to the effective execution of any strong marketing strategy, and your PPC campaign is no different. Data related to your leads, such as age, education, income, expenditure breakup, and interests, is now available and can be used with marketing automation platforms. This makes it a prosperous advertising strategy to make your ads more personal and very specific to target the right audience.

  1. Video advertisements

Videos are the new and trendy content medium used around the world. Video ads are not only much cheaper than text ads, but are also more engaging. Hence, video ads make a great opportunity for your business to create a personal connection with your customers.

Since Google now owns YouTube, it makes sense that Google would be pushing video -based advertisements. Your video advertisements are one of the best ways today, for all size businesses, to increase their conversion rates and keep their audience engaged with their brand.