Digital Marketing Strategy

A study conducted by Smart Insights on Managing Digital Marketing states that:

  • 46% of brands don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy.
  • 16% of brands have a digital marketing strategy, but they haven’t integrated it into their marketing activities.

If a brand doesn’t have a properly defined plan or strategy, how can it expect to grow and find success? How will there be a meaningful outcome to measure and how will there be space to learn from past mistakes and improve?

Effective digital marketing and a solid overall online presence are without doubt a few of the major ways to connect with your audience. What decision makers need to ensure is that their digital marketing efforts can become successful by creating a real impact on the bottom line.

Here are five important steps that you need to follow to design your remarkable digital marketing strategy.

Set your objectives

You can only set effective objectives if you really know what you want.

The first step is to define your company’s overall objective so you can have a real chance at fitting your digital marketing objectives into a grand plan. Ask yourself: What is the prevailing objective you want your digital marketing strategy or efforts to achieve?

You should also be very clear on your key performance indicators (KPIs), which will give you a specific figure that you are accountable for achieving. By analyzing your past digital marketing efforts, you can make sure your KPIs are realistic and achievable.

Analyze your former strategy

It is not very smart to step into the designing phase of your digital marketing strategy without some background information.

Analyze the elements of success and failure from your previous digital marketing strategy as it will be very helpful in coming up with the best KPIs for your company.

However, you must make sure you have determined a specific time period that you want to analyze. You should also conduct the same analysis for your competitors and enable yourself to make well-informed decisions.

Speak the language of your audience

In all this planning, don’t forget who you are talking to and make sure your digital marketing strategy speaks the language of your audience.

It’s very important to never lose track of the people you are trying to reach. When designing your digital marketing strategy, make sure your audience is top of mind. You can do this by catering to the emotional needs of your audience and satisfying their wants and needs through creating thoughtfully developed digital personas.

Identify your resources and budget

Before getting started, it is best to identify your means and resources.

The three most important things you need to get familiar with are your budget, your team and your digital resources. Start by making the list of what you have available making any other decisions.

Plan your digital marketing strategy

After completing the first four steps, you can now craft a digital marketing strategy centered on insightful analysis.

You’ll never be able to predict exactly how your audience is going to react and behave, so not all of your assumptions are going to work. The idea is to constantly measure and monitor the execution of your digital marketing strategy and keep making changes as needed.


Digital Marketing Plan

In the current business world, it’s no longer a valid to ask if you should execute a digital marketing plan, but rather how to take a relevant, effective and engaging approach for a digital marketing plan.

However, for quite a few of us, creating a digital marketing campaign and especially a social media marketing campaign can be a little intimidating.

Here are few simple elements that you need to stay away from when executing your digital marketing plan.

Don’t spam

You content is the best way to reach your audience. When you bombard your subscribers’ inbox and post on social media every few minutes, you lose the influence and power your content gives you.

There is a thin line between making your efforts consistent and spamming. Many organizations openly struggle with this. Your digital marketing efforts should ramp up when promoting a specific event, sale or promotional offer, but should maintain a consistent and relatively slow pace in the down times.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Diversity is the way to go with your digital marketing plan. There is constant development in trendy marketing technologies. Coming up with some of the best marketing strategies requires being not only knowledgeable but also using different aspects of digital marketing as part of your strategy.

Try out different techniques of digital marketing and find out what works best for your business operations and market. Some aspects to consider are search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, pay per click and blogging.

Instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, it is a smarter move to benefit from various aspects of digital marketing and stay competitive in market.

Don’t try to make hard sales

Marketing is not about making hard sales, but rather engaging and nurturing a healthy interaction with your target audience. Your digital marketing campaigns should portray your business ideas, concepts and the answers or solutions your audience is looking for.

You can try to get the attention and trust of your audience through your content first. With consistency and interesting content, you can pull in your audience and convert them into customers with what you are offering them.

Don’t produce content just for the sake of having content

There is no doubt, content plays a very important part in your digital marketing strategy and especially for your SEO efforts. However, when done wrong, no matter how much content you produce it can be a waste of time and efforts.

To get the numerous benefits of content as part of your digital marketing campaign, it is essential that your content is engaging, relevant and useful for your audience. Moreover, to get high rankings on search engines you need your content to be original and it should naturally incorporate your researched keywords.

Don’t create mobile unfriendly content

You need to consider that most of internet users today use their smartphones more than desktops or laptops. Hence, go with smartphone friendly technologies for your digital marketing efforts and make sure every image, video, text or other content used is built with a mobile-friendly format.


Digital Marketing

Your business needs an outstanding and effective digital marketing plan to set your business on the course of a series of action that push your business to strive for growth, expansion and success in your business operations.

An outstanding digital marketing plan can help your business by guiding it to its ultimate destination and without this plan you may find your business off track or even closed. Your digital marketing plan will give you a better idea of all opportunities available in your market and a deeper understanding of your target audience and competitors in market. Using this information you can very well craft an outstanding digital marketing plan or detailed digital marketing strategy to guide your marketing efforts in direction of business growth and success.

The depth, information in consideration and the tactics used make your digital marketing plan different from other businesses. Another factor that make your plan different from others include your business goals, objectives and strategies that vary with your strengths, weaknesses and market situations.

Here are 6 steps to help you craft an outstanding digital marketing plan for your business.

  1. Do your market research

Before making strategies and implementing any marketing tactics, it’s important to do your market research diligently. You need to research your industry and local market, understand where your business fits in the market, what your biggest opportunities and challenges are and how available resources can lead to your best marketing efforts.

  1. Do your competitive analysis

When you study and understand your competitors, you can use that knowledge to better craft your marketing strategies and campaigns, which can give you competitive edge in market. Hence, it’s important to do your competitive analysis, know their strengths and weaknesses, analysis effectiveness of their marketing efforts and identify all other factors that affect them.

  1. Identify your target audience

In order to find success, it is important for you to identify your primary target audience and learn how they communicate and what affects, satisfies and motivates them. Moreover, you also need to categorize your audience into segments or groups, so you can be more effective at reaching out to these groups separately.

  1. Define your goals and objectives

Using your market research, competitive analysis and target audience identification and segmentation you can better craft your goals and objectives. You need to create your short-term and long-term objectives that push your business to reach your marketing goals. However, with time you can make some adjustments in your marketing goals and objectives but they should challenge your business and be achievable.

  1. Define your specific strategies and tactics

This is one of the most important steps, as you need to use all of the previously mentioned information to develop your specific marketing strategies and also define tactics that will be needed to act on these strategies.

These strategies may include using advertisement to rise business revenue within a certain period of time or to integrate social media platforms with your marketing efforts to create more brand awareness, recognition and image. These strategies will differ from one business to another but they should be directed to achieve your goals and objectives.

  1. Determine your evaluation method

To ensure your digital marketing plan is effective it is imperative that you have determined a success evaluation method for each of your campaign, strategy and tactic. There is no other way of knowing what strategies and tactics are working for a certain brand if there is no evaluation method to be implemented.

At times evaluation method is very easy to use like Google Adwords that shows you real data toi evaluate your efforts but at times you will have to get little creative to determine evaluation method for some efforts.

Digital Marketing Agency

When you are running a business, time is a precious and scarce commodity. Strategically marketing your brand takes up a lot of time and plenty of effort. This is where a digital marketing agency comes to play to save the day.

Your digital marketing agency will provide you marketing services through digital mediums that will help your business grow. Your agency can also take charge of your entire marketing portfolio to help you become efficient at improving conversions and meeting your marketing objectives.

Every service, marketing effort, campaign and strategy that your digital marketing agency provides you is custom designed and planned to perfectly suit your brand’s unique needs and objectives.

Below are five of the most basic, result-oriented and necessary marketing services that you need to avail from experts at your digital marketing agency to get the most out of your investment.

Customized strategic planning

For your digital marketing campaigns to be successful, it is important that they are designed with proper strategic planning. Whether it is social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, or lead generation, your digital marketing agency has experts available that focus on each niche to provide you with their professional perceptive and their take on the most successful strategy.

Moreover, it is important that you define and evaluate your goals with your agency, so that with comprehensive and tactical planning they can help you achieve them.

SEO for your website

With the world getting technology-savvy and the increasing expectations of your audience, it is not only helpful for your business to have a website, but it needs to be optimized for search to help increase your brand visibility and get most from your other digital marketing efforts.

SEO experts at your digital marketing agency can research and analyze your market, industry and audience and then make an SEO plan with most efficient keywords, making your strategies responsive.

Content with strategic messaging

Your digital marketing agency helps you make sure that the message you want to put forward through your marketing strategies comes across clearly.

The content used on your website and as part of different campaigns, such as SEO strategies, needs to be result-orientated and should go flow with your goals and objectives. Hence, useful content is another aspect where experts at your digital marketing agency can help you be as productive with your content as possible.

Inbound marketing

Today, most of your customers and potential leads conduct online research before buying or participating in any activity on your website. Hence, you need inbound marketing services from your digital marketing agency that can help you bring traffic to your website by making efforts like SEO-friendly blog content to boost your visibility on search engines like Google.

Automating, measuring and reporting

Your digital marketing agency can also provide you marketing automation services that can automate the lead nurturing process for you by automatically maintaining follow up interactions with potential leads. Moreover, the use of marketing automation tools can also help you be more efficient at measuring and reporting your ROI. You can use your agency’s expertise to more accurately interpret the data and work out which strategies are working in your favor and which aren’t.