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Why Amazon Web Services is an Irreplaceable Part of Cloud

AWS, Amazon Web Services, is your secure cloud solution providing platform. Its major services include computing power, content delivery, database storage and other services that help your business scale-up and grow. Since the launch of the Amazon Web Services platform, millions of customers have and are currently leveraging AWS cloud products and cloud solutions to work with sophisticated business operations with better flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Once you look at the size of the cloud industry, it is rather astonishing how AWS has had an undisputed lead in the market and it probably will also be in the lead in the future. Considering the competition of AWS with brands like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, AWS’s dominance in cloud industry may seem even more surprising.

One of the competitive factors that give the cloud solutions of Amazon Web services an edge in its industry is that AWS was one of the first few brands to enter the market, which led to Amazon Web Services becoming an irreplaceable part of cloud market. However, another factor for AWS is how other competitive forces in market didn’t think that the cloud market was significantly big enough to worry about.

At the time, dominant players in the industry had no reason to worry about Amazon Web Services, which was trying to attack the bottom of the market. This precise entry strategy of AWS helped it to become the irreplaceable part of cloud industry.

Initially, the general perception of AWS cloud solutions was that no one would use these services, which soon changed, especially for startups. People still did not think that AWS would be important, because it was not being used for anything significant. As time went on, the opinion changed to thinking that enterprises would never use AWS cloud solutions. Years later, Amazon Web Services became one of the most important names in cloud solutions used around the world.

The present day cloud market is worth trillions of dollars and forces in the market can feel a level of stiff competition. With the amount of pure functionality that AWS offers its customers on regular basis, other competitive companies will have to do some real work to catch up.

All of these reasons have led Amazon Web Services to become an irreplaceable part of cloud market, and at this point it’s rather hard for other players to catch up. However, the market for cloud services will continue to expand and the major players in the cloud market will also continue to show growing numbers but the market space that AWS has created for itself, by being the first, doesn’t seem to show any signs of conceding any time soon.

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